How to enable Soft Key Buttons in Android

Today, I will be telling you How to enable Soft Key Buttons in Android.
Having an Android navigation button or  soft key button can make accessing and navigating through our phone very easy and quick.
Not only that, it makes phone looks sweet and attractive to some people.
It gives phone that beautiful design that when you take screenshots, it will look as if you are using a higher end device.
That is why we have decided to show you how you can be able to do all that on your phone.
Let’s go.
For best results, it’s better you have root access on your phone.
Having root access on your phone allow you input a code to you your phone that will make the button to stay there forever.
But if you don’t want to have root access on your phone, it’s fine, we understand. You can make use of app to do that but like I said, it’s better with root access.
Using app is also good but if your phone lags or you use cleaning apps, it can force stop the app and the navigation goes away.

Soft Key Buttons in Android
Soft Key Buttons in Android

How to enable Soft Key Buttons in Android

  1. Download a root explorer app, for best experience, we are making use of ES file Explorer.
  2. You can get the app from Google play store or you can just download if it from here.
  3. If downloaded from our site, you can enable installation of app from an unknown source through your settings and continue with the installation.
  4. Launch ES File Explorer and enable root access.
  5. You can follow the procedure below to enable Root access using ES File Explorer.
  6. Open Es File Explorer.
  7. Enable Root Access.
  8. After enabling root access on ES file explorer.
  9. Go to your system folder.
  10. Which ES File Explorer> Click SD Card or Phone Memory as it appears on your phone.
  11. Press the > Arrow buttons at the back till it brings you to your system folder.
  12. Follow System> Build.prop and when it opens, click menu your menu button and you will see edit.
  13. Paste this code at the buttom of the codes and click back once as if you are existing the app, it will ask you if you want to save the edits.
  14. qemu.hw.mainkeys=0
  15. Click Yes and you are done.

If it confuses you, you can follow our pictures or watch the video for better results.
Now reboot your phone to see the Navigation button on your screen.
Happy trying.

How to enable Soft Key Buttons in Android

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