Essential Guide to Aspiring Filmmakers


If you enjoy having a camera in your hand and being creative, then you’ll likely find fulfillment and success as a filmmaker. If you’re just starting out in the industry, there are a few essential tips to follow to ensure you increase your skill level and produce impressive projects.

Film Horizontal

One of the most important rules to follow as a filmmaker is to always film horizontally when using a smartphone or a professional camera. With video, you won’t be able to switch from vertical to horizontal as you go through the editing process and put the footage together. Vertical shots also don’t fill up the entire screen in movie theaters or television screens. Keep in mind that there are few movies shot vertically rather than horizontally.

Use a Tripod

Although some scary movies have shaky shots to make them more dramatic and thrilling, this won’t have the same effect when you’re filming a romantic movie or a comedy. Using a camera tripod is one of the most important steps to improve image quality because it keeps the camera stationary.
You’ll also need to use a dolly if you plan on moving the camera while filming someone walking or panning over a neighborhood. The dolly can glide on different types of pavement while keeping the camera steady as you record.
Varying the types of shots you have can engage the viewer and add more visual appeal to the movie or film you’re putting together.

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Explore Your Settings

You’ll need to set up your shot and make sure there’s enough space when you plan to film people. There should be extra space at the top of the frame to prevent their heads from filling up the entire shot or having their head cut off. Some types of editing software even zoom in on the footage, making it necessary to have slightly extra space than you need in the frame.
Before you begin filming, you also need to explore the different settings that are available with the camera you use. Stick to these specific settings throughout the entire film for consistency and to keep it looking professional. Settings that frequently change can alter the tone of the film and can become distracting for the audience.

Edit Your Footage

As you shoot the footage with professional video editing software, you’ll need to be aware of how you plan to edit everything. Edit more footage than you think you’ll need to ensure you have more to work with and don’t have to compromise with the shots you include. It’s better to have the chance to choose your best footage to use rather than use everything you shot because you’re limited with what’s available.

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Different Types of Videography

As you get started with your career in videography, it’s important to be aware of the different types of videography available to determine what you can specialize in, depending on what you enjoy. You can consider personal creations, which allows you to give attention to a specific cause or make a video for fun as you start out. It’s a great way to develop better skills and also build your reputation as you post your videos on social media and YouTube.
Corporate filming is another type of videography that is secure and can allow you to secure a career in the industry. You may consider working in-house as an employee while making promotional and training videos for different conferences or meetings throughout the year.
As a Filmmaker, you can also consider making freelance videos and have different types of content that you make. You can even take on jobs as a wedding videographer or create real estate videos. You’ll get to establish your niche and learn new skills while taking on different types of jobs.

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Use the Right Equipment

The type of equipment you use significantly influences the quality of the footage you take. Smartphones have become more advanced and are often hard to differentiate from professional cameras. Consider starting out using your smartphone if it’s still relatively new as you develop your skills while shooting 1080p video for high definition images.
Understanding the basics when you’re an aspiring filmmaker can make your dreams a reality if you educate yourself and conduct enough research. Understanding the types of videography you can create and knowing what it takes to create a quality product will allow you to stand out in the industry and have an advantage over the competition

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