Top Essential Skills to Consider Before Hiring an Android Developer

Are you an Android developer or somebody who is trying to hire an Android app developer? Whatever the case, this blog is for you. 

In today’s fast-moving world, startup owners are facing difficulties in operating their ventures due to the frequently changing requirements of people. Currently, they lean on digitized solutions available on their smartphones, having different operating systems to fulfill their purposes efficiently. No wonder, businesses are embracing mobile app development at a growing rate. 

Mostly the applications compatible with Android and iOS are achieving a push in demand among people. For many years, Android has been winning the competition as holding the majority of smartphone users. There are about 3 billion people across the globe utilizing Android devices.

So, you might be enticed to recruit Android developers to create the enterprise solution by noticing such requirements. But it’s a must for you to ask several questions to coders and sort them based on their skill sets. The developers should consider having a grip on some skills to become successful Android programmers. It would also give entrepreneurs diverse reasons for choosing them mentioned here.

Abilities That an Android Developer Should Possess

As a startup owner, you should pick a programmer who possesses certain skills in Android development. Hence, for coders, it’s a must that they must have specific characteristics to get appointed. Which are those? Refer to each of them discussed below:

  1. Knowledge of Java

Java provides the bedrock for almost every phase of building an Android solution. It is an object-oriented programming language that is rigid for its datatype. The developers aware of Java are habituated to writing clearer and simpler code that is easy to understand, so you should only appoint those who are well versed with Java. It is because they will end up writing a precise program with less ambiguity.

  1. Android Basics

The Android application developers’ awareness regarding fundamentals is a vital aspect to consider while hiring them. It includes a firm understanding of basic concepts in Java/Kotlin, which would help them write an easy to comprehend programs in Android. The primary concepts involve knowledge of the Android frameworks, multi-threading, and concurrency handling. Moreover, it would assist them in creating Android software in minimal time with fewer bugs.

  1. Awareness Regarding UI

The user interface (UI) plays an essential role, despite distinct and useful features being embedded inside it. Users nowadays pay attention to usability, responsiveness, and flow of platforms, which means that there are immense requirements for appealing UI/UX. So the programmers, along with implementing attributes, should also possess a sound knowledge of designing an app which requires them to follow certain principles. 

It includes inserting grids and lists from RecyclerView, creating complex layouts using ConstraintLayout, utilizing proper menu styling, etc. Hence, it’s necessary for Android developers to be aware of designing concepts for getting hired by entrepreneurs.

  1. Security Awareness

Nowadays, security has become a key element due to the rising number of frauds among people. Android coders should be able to maintain the utmost security inside a solution, as Android has inbuilt security specifications that help avoid breaching issues. To maintain maximum security, they should know to deal with the latest security updates launched on Android within fixed time intervals using several security tools or by themselves.

Thus, it says you should choose a programmer capable of keeping your application safe from certain potential threats associated with it.

  1. Testing And Error-Solving Abilities

Alongside creating the Android solution, the coders should also know to test them rigorously by entering the false inputs and running a platform’s functionality in different situations. It will help them detect technical flaws, errors, and glitches if any exist. Now, they should also know how to fix them. The ones with bug-solving skills should be selected by you, as they can deal with any issues and solve them easily.

So these were the above-mentioned skill sets that are required to become an Android programmer and get appointed by renowned entrepreneurs. Besides this, as a startup owner, you should hire expert Android developers from the firm by considering abilities that would help them build apt Android solutions fulfilling the needs of venture efficiently.

Few Incentives of Appointing Android Programmers

You might have noticed that Android has become the most recommended OS across the globe. By constructing an Android platform from coders, you will receive certain incentives stated below:

Easily Modifiable

Building an Android application by recruiting a developer from the tech firm, you would receive a customizable solution. It is due to the open-source property of an Android operating system that permits coders to enrich the platform and fix several problems by utilizing the latest features for free. Hence, it would decrease the cost of maintenance to some extent.

Extensive Market

By assessing the market share of operating systems, you might have observed that Android has a maximum market share of 71.95%, denoting the tremendous utilization of Android applications among people to satisfy their purposes. Thus, publishing your platform will assist your enterprise in centering the attention of a significant audience which suggests that it’s beneficial to create an Android solution by appointing an Android coder.

Ameliorated SEO

Since Google powers Android, you would require to launch the solution in a Play Store after being developed by Android programmers. Once it’s being hosted, you are not needed to take any additional SEO actions to gain higher indexing in Google’s library. You just need to build a quality platform and receive good feedback from users, based on which it will automatically get ranked upwards. 


The majority of programmers choose Android to pursue their careers, and one of the reasons behind it is the high learning curve. Android is built using Java programming language, which most coders are quite aware of. Hence, due to such flexibility, the developers would be able to fix problems effortlessly and quickly, which says that you should hire individuals working on Android.

Parting Words

There has been widespread use of Android smartphones among users worldwide which also justifies that there would be immense usage of Android applications. So, by witnessing such demand for Android platforms, there are many individuals willing to become Android coders. Here are some skills stated that they should learn to get selected by entrepreneurs.

Moreover, as a startup owner, you should also check those qualities while hiring an Android developer or a team of Android app developers. Ensure to hire Android developers with a deep understanding of both programming and design aspects.

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Samuel Jim

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