Exogun portable massager: relieving muscle tension and bringing relaxation with percussion therapy

Whether you want a massage for relaxation or recovery, the Exogun dream Pro can meet your needs

Do you know technology has placed the power of a massage therapist and the benefit of massage in your palms?

Thanks to portable massagers like Exogun dream Pro, you can get deep tissue massage at the click of a button. Portable massagers limit the need to visit a massage therapist whenever you feel tightness in your muscles or around your joints. This benefit leads to significant cost savings over time.

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As it turns out, there are a handful of portable massagers in the market, but only a few can boast of an ergonomic design, easy operability, and power like the Exogun dream Pro.

Exogun dream Pro
Exogun dream Pro

Our team was commissioned to review the Exogun dream Pro. After several weeks of researching the features of this portable massager, we can confidently say that it works as described. This piece of technology delivers compound benefits in one use.

Features of Exogun Dream Pro

  • Percussive Therapy

Exogun Dream Pro uses percussive therapy to relieve pain, tension, and tightness in the muscles. 

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In addition, percussive therapy improves blood circulation, increases your joint’s range of motion, enhances physical performance, and expedites recovery. Other benefits include stress, anxiety, and fatigue reduction. 

Whether you want a massage for relaxation or recovery, the Exogun dream Pro can meet your needs. However, you need specific knowledge to get the best out of it – more on that later.

  • Powerful & customizable

The best massage guns offer power and optimum customization. Exogun impressively checks this box. Exogun has a ShockSmart sensitivity and customizable settings that ensure each muscle is massaged with the most accurate pressure. You can adjust the percussion of the massage head to suit the toughness of the muscle you want to massage.

Powerful customizable

Exogun delivers 1200-3200 percussions per minute and the vibration speed range is 20-53Hz. It comes with 4 replaceable massage heads that deliver different effects. The smaller heads are great for massaging hard-to-reach areas on the body. Also, they can provide deep tissue massage as well.

  • Portable & long-lasting

Portability is a vital feature to check for when selecting a portable massager. In this case, portability refers to the weight and ease of transporting the gadget. Exogun dream pro meets this criterion. It is lightweight, cordless, and battery-powered. This makes it easy to move the device about or use it without a light source.

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You can get a 4 – 6 hours massage on a single charge. That should serve you for a full-body massage session or several massage sessions for limited areas.

  • Ultra-quiet motor

Unlike most low-end portable massagers in the market, Exogun Dream Pro doesn’t produce loud mechanical noises when in use. This is applause-worthy. If you’ve used a not-so-quiet massager before, you would agree that prolonged exposure to the mechanical sound can be tiring.

  • Tough build

Exogun dream pro is built to last. It can survive an occasional drop on a hard surface. But, remember it is designed for your body, not the ground.

You can count on Exogun dream pro to help your muscle recovery or relaxation. In case you don’t know, Exogun’s percussive therapy is effective in preventing delayed onset muscle soreness. As stated earlier, the massager can deliver 4-6 hours of massage on a single charge. To get the best results from this device, you need to understand some safety use principles.

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Safety use tip

As with every consumer good or self-care product, “moderate use” is important. When using an Exogun dream Pro, don’t place the massage head on one sport for more than a few seconds. Placing the massage head on the spot for a long period can make your skin tender and sore, and you risk bruising. And that defeats the purpose of using the portable massager.  

Can Exogun dream Pro replace a massage therapist or physiotherapy?

Can Exogun dream Pro replace a massage therapist or physiotherapy

Well, yes and no. A portable massager substitutes a massage therapist, particularly when you need routine and light fixing. However, when you have severe muscle tightness or joint aches, a trip to a physiotherapist is needed. 

You can ask your physiotherapist if your condition can be improved with a massage gun.


Exogun dream Pro is the stuff of dreams (pun intended). This portable massager checks all the boxes of the best massage gun in 2021, but we will let you be the judge of that. The device is priced reasonably. You can get a unit by clicking the link on exogun.com. The ExoGun will be available to buy at 72% off price around $199 throughout the year.

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