Extend the lifespan of your electronics by installing a surge protector


Extend the lifespan of your electronics by installing a surge protector

When it comes to using tech gadgets, purchasing a quality product does not guarantee a great experience – longevity. 


Well, that is the risk of using tech gadgets. Suppose you purchase a washing machine and it stops working after the first wash? 

In this case, you activate your warranty clause and get a replacement from the company. 

However, in a situation where your LG washing machine, Samsung S20 and other electrical gadgets are damaged due to a voltage surge, what do you do?

Nothing but cry?

While we don’t wish for our appliances to be knocked out by a storm or voltage surge, it can happen. 

Several things can go wrong, and your highly-valued device goes bad. Such incidents are always heartbreaking. You can’t help but mourn the money spent, the reality of not using your gadget for the time you hoped it would last.

Power surges, strikes, malfunctions, and several other electrical problems can cause spikes that damage your gadgets. Electrical problems happen when there is a disturbance in your home, office, or neighborhood’s electrical system. For example, a bad switch, rainstorm, lightning, or rodent activity can cause a power surge. 

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The best way to protect your devices against power surges is to purchase and install a surge protector. A good surge protector will shield your entire electrical system from voltage surge with ultra-sense technology. For example, when the voltage fluctuates beyond the normal, the surge protectors cuts of electricity from your appliances to protect it. This way, you can be confident that a lightning storm or voltage surge will not damage your electrical gadgets.

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There are several options on the market, but Schneider Electric surge protector stands as the best in its class. Schneider Electric has several products in the surge protector niche. When installed, a Schneider Electric surge protector helps regulate the voltage to the amount your appliances need. 

At Blogthetech, we believe that every gadget owners need two essential things to enjoy their device – uninterrupted and stable Power supply. When you have uninterrupted power, you have little to no downtime. However, a stable voltage ensures that your appliances serve you for a long time.

So. do you wish to Extend the lifespan of your electronics, Do yourself a favor, purchase, and install surge protectors in your home and office today – they’re affordable and easy to install.


Daniel Odoh
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