Extras to include in an office space

A boring and gloom office space can result in lower productivity and overall, lower morale for most staff. As an employer, you want to make sure that your staff enjoys coming to work, and that the environment they will be spending their day in is as exciting as possible.

Alongside the usual desk, swivel chair, and computer, the perfect office environment should offer a few extras to make work as exhilarating as it can be. Don’t get us wrong, sometimes joy in the workplace can be gained by your surrounding co-workers and that is half the battle when it comes to attending work. However, if you are prepared to spruce up the office, even more, stay tuned as we explain some extras to include in an office space.  

Smart TV 

A smart TV is one of the main extras we believe should be incorporated in an office space. The TV can be used for a variety of functions. First off, it helps display PowerPoints or presentations. This means that each individual within the office has a clear view, also bringing the office together as they view and gain information from the one screen, which may result in conversation or discussion. Alongside this, TV makes a great background noise.

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After all, when everyone is hard at work, the sound of an unusually quiet office can be somewhat awkward if we do say so ourselves. Have Spotify, YouTube, or even the news playing in the background, this will keep you updated on what’s going on in the world! Make sure that you have a working TV aerial installed outside to access live channels. Click here for TV aerial installation glasgow

Electronic coffee machine 

Does granule coffee even taste nice anymore? Especially with so many electronic coffee machines on the market! We aren’t talking about those super-expensive coffee machines that cost around 2-4 thousand pounds! Pod coffee machines are just as great in our opinion.

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Brands like Tassimo, Nespresso, and De’Longhi offer pod coffee machines for as low as £40! If you have additional disposable income to spend on extras to include in an office space, we would highly advise the coffee feature.

Packets of the coffee pods can be purchased for as low as £4, and we are sure that each employee can contribute at some point or another. You are fuelling their brainpower and lowering their chances of falling asleep at their desk after all! 

Separate seating area 

We all need time to unwind from the stress of our desk space. It can be a long and hard day staring at a computer screen all day, especially for over 7 hours! Having a separate seating area to quickly escape the madness for a quick 5-10 minutes can make all the difference.

Leaving your workspace for a quick break can also result in a greater output the moment you return to your desk again. The seating area doesn’t even need to be grand! A small sofa, a few chairs, and a coffee table, away from the desk space, are some of the best extras to include in an office space. 

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Fitness studio or cafe 

Depending on how large your office environment is, if you have an extra room or space in the environment, why not dedicate it towards a café or a fitness studio or area. These are large extras that would be much appreciated by employees if you have the facilities to install them.

A café within the office would reduce time spent traveling or venturing out to get food during breaks, and also provides a quick escape from the office if there is a seating space within it. A fitness studio or area of the office could comprise of a treadmill, some weights, and other gym equipment that could be used by employees before or after work.

This encourages fitness upkeep alongside positive work output. Employer of the year will be coming your way following this revamp! 

Coloured wall art 

Coloured wall art
Photo by myHQ Workspaces on Unsplash

Some bright coloured wall art will easily inject positivity and life into the office space. Employees want to feel like they are in a fun working environment, not a prison. Within Google, yes Google, offices, they feature several bright colours on the walls and floors to keep employees motivated within the workplace, some offices even include slides! So, we are sure that the least you could do as an employer is place a few bright canvases on the walls.

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Trust us, look at Google’s success and take a leaf out of their book, you may even see productivity amongst employees rise!  

Work dog 

One of the most far-fetched and over-the-top extras to include in an office space is a work dog. We know, we might sound bizarre, however, this dog could even be an employee’s dog which he or she brings into the office daily.

You will be surprised at the positive mood change a small furry animal can bring to the working environment. A fun-loving dog will be more than beneficial to an office.  

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