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Facebook: How It Can Be A Relationship Destroyer

Facebook: How It Can Be A Relationship Destroyer

Facebook: How It Can Be A Relationship Destroyer

social media makes it easy to connect with our loved ones, Family, Relation, Friends and even Foes too, but in some aspect can be a big destroyer too.

It has happened to many people and it is still happening till now and will still happen tomorrow because we make use of it in our daily routines.

In a Relationship, Trust can be lost when certain things start happening around us without us noticing.

It is all about “Active Now” and nothing more. It creates a suspicious act between Partners.

It makes us feel rejected when our partner bid us goodbye but still chat with another person, in our point of view.

The rate of inaccuracy of Facebook Online status has caused many damages in our daily activities.

There have been many occasions where there have been some misunderstandings between partners because the other partner said goodbye to the other, maybe telling him/her that they are going offline but Facebook still shows that they are online.

If it’s you, I don’t know how you will feel about it, but the person you are chatting with might not be online but you will think that they are online.

Phone Varies, something network providers may also contribute to the Problem. I know that we use Facebook Facebook to communicate daily with our loved ones but it can also bring misunderstanding.

Facebook: how it can be a relationship destroyers varies from User to user.
If you are a jealous type of person, I won’t advise you to be using Facebook as your major means of communicating with your partner because you might feel worried and deserted.

Facebook: how it can be a relationship destroyers like I said before might also be a problem from our phone.
Phones like Android and iPhone may also contribute to the cause of our Facebook showing we are online.

We know that our phones data run in the background sometimes in order to retrieve messages from our Facebook account.

When this is happening, our account might be showing that we are online.
Don’t make Facebook your main communication medium in a relationship because it can cause damages in your love life.

You can use other Social Communication means which can enable you and your partner to communicate lively like Skype, IMO, and other video call apps.

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