It seems Facebook is considering the low-end smartphone as it is pushing almost all the features of its Facebook app to the Facebook lite version which includes Facebook Lite Animating Reaction.
I, as one of the fans of Facebook lite now enjoy almost everything I need on Facebook Lite without needing to download official Facebook App.
We all know that the Facebook app is the major app for Facebook and that is where you can enjoy all the features you can find on Facebook.

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How can I enjoy these Facebook Lite animating Reactions?

Facebook Lite Animating Reactions~01
Facebook Lite Animating Reactions~01
We all know the rules, be updated. Having an updated software does not only fix bugs and issues on apps but also unlock new features you might not have seen.
The same thing applies to Facebook Lite app. If you are not always updating your Facebook Lite, you might not know when new features are added.
Just hold the Like button to see the reactions animating.
Have you tried the new Facebook Lite Animating Reaction features, if yes, how do you feel about it?
Share your experience below.

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