Facebook Lite Update, New features added and Bug fixes

Facebook Lite is trying every day to add more new things to the Facebook Lite app.

The Lite version which is the optimized version of the big app. Many updates are being released every day with cool features added to it.

Facebook Lite Notification tab
[/media-credit] Facebook Lite Notification tab Old

We are going to talk about the lite version of the Android app.

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Some of the new Features added to it is the Change of the news feed. If you recently updated the android version of the facebook lite app, you will notice that the News feed now look sleek and attractive.

Facebook Lite Reaction Button
[/media-credit] Facebook Lite Reaction Button

Another features added to it is the Colour change in the Updates Icon.

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You will notice the color changes and it’s now more dark in its blue color. the number of Messages received, the number of notifications received and the recent Updated News.

Another feature that I really like its the bent V icon or let me just call it Messenger Send now icon added when you want to reply or send a message to some body or Facebook group or post or page.

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Facebook Lite Notification tab
[/media-credit] Facebook Lite Notification tab

One of the new features is that you can send reactions with the Facebook Lite app. Just like before, that feature is only Available to people using the Facebook App or if you are logged in to Facebook using Desktop.

You can now also react to Comment or replies inside any page, group or post.

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When it comes to bugs, many bugs were fixed, like the app not responding when there is no network on your cell phone.

there are a lot more features you can also see in the app.

If you have not updated your Facebook lite App, you can do that for you to enjoy all these features

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