Facebook Lite update, some features added

Facebook has added some cool features in their recent update on Facebook Lite and some of the features are very cool.
Like before, you must upgrade your app to enjoy new features but now, Facebook push directly to the app and once you log in, you can start enjoying the update.
Though this update is only applicable if you are using the recent version of the Facebook Lite app.
Once you are using the recent app, then you are good to go.
Those of the features that I myself have noticed is these ones.

Facebook lite share update
Facebook lite share update
1. Share interface.
I wasn’t able to capture the old version of the share interface but this new one really looks cool.
Just like before, when you click the share button, it will load and take you to share options.
And the old interface doesn’t look that good, I guess Facebook knows what is really good for it users.
2. Share options.
When sharing to a group or Facebook page, the options are limited but now, things look a lot easier than before.
Like in this new Facebook Lite update, you can add a description or a description text to a Link before you share it not like before.

facebook Lite friend requestJohn | Blog The Tech facebookLite friend request3. Notifications.
Facebook in its Facebook Lite update added to changes in it notification messages both in the number of friend requests.
You will notice a number is added before the enlisting of your friend’s requests.There are many other features that I have not seen myself but if you notice any, you can kindly share it with us and how you feel about it.
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