How to find out someone’s Criminal Records with TruthFinder?

Have you been finding your relatives’ vital information for some days? So, are you supposed to avail of the conventional process of finding anyone? It’s time-consuming, and you know that! Another effective way is to nab someone’s details without revealing your name. 

TruthFinder is one of the top-notch reverse lookup tools, providing accurate information about anyone. It performs a thorough background check on anybody. Moreover, the best part is that you can do unlimited snooping upon your long-long friend or relative with this. 

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TruthFinder’s public records allow the public to view any sensitive data, for example, court cases, times of penalization, and so on. Hence, you can seamlessly look up various public details online! 

All thanks to such a well-known data aggregation website, TruthFinder. Are you ready to get started with the criminal records directory of TruthFinder? It can be done by checking it with a name. Let’s check how to identify someone’s criminal records with it!

What is the TruthFinder’s Criminal Records Search Feature?

It is a unique web tool feature in TruthFinder, designed to provide authentic crime data from the FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigations. It thoroughly searches the data from the law enforcement agencies of the USA. 

Moreover, it also permits you to gather extended details such as actual crime rates in your state and city. 

TruthFinder’s inclusive database often demonstrates the felonies that happened in the county. So, you will also get the details of where the crime was committed, records related to parking tickets, misdemeanor offense details, and many more. 

Besides, this extraordinary feature also represents the information regarding sex offenders. Such offenses include an image, address, and court records. This is how you will be wary of the court where that individual was prosecuted. 

What are the most top-rated crimes that occurred in the USA?

Larceny-theft, property crime, and burglary are some of the top-rated offenses committed in the USA nowadays. However, murder is low on the list; still, it happens somewhere.

What information can you discover through TruthFinder’s criminal search?

TruthFinder’s Criminal Records search directory allows you to find these data:

  • Court Records
  • Felony Offense
  • Nearby Sex Offenders
  • Accurate Personal Information
  • Traffic Court Details
  • Misdemeanor Offenses

Court Records

The Criminal Records findings of TruthFinder can provide minute details about the court where the person was convicted. By a simple search, you can explore the individual’s county, city, and state. 


TruthFinder digs into the truckloads of court documents to find and match felony offense details to people being searched. 

Upon searching, you will get the correct data about the felonies committed by your searched one. Moreover, it also showcases the detailed report, including his/her county, state, and city. 

Sexual Offenders

Identify the exact location of the sex offenders while conducting TruthFinder’s criminal records search. Acquire the most trusted and downloadable report of your neighborhood sex offenders, if available. 

Be prepared for getting their recent image and the specifics about their sexual offenses. Did your searched person commit any crime before? A criminal records database will provide you crucial and relevant data.

Accurate Personal Information

  • Full names and pseudo names

The individual you search for may possess countless names or aliases. So, you can detect all their previous names, aliases, nicknames, or even the people they get in touch with from the Criminal Records search. 

  • Phone numbers and residential address 

After performing quick research in TruthFinder, you may discover his/her current residential address and active phone numbers. Such information could lead you to even more worthy data about the person you searched.

Traffic Details

  • Accidents and parking tickets

TruthFinder compiles the entire report about wrecks, accidents, and many more. Besides, you will get the details like if he/she ever convicted upon traffic tickets on their records.

  • Speeding Tickets 

Numerous speeding tickets are issued daily in the USA. That’s why you will get various details about such tickets with the TruthFinder’s criminal records search.

Misdemeanor Offenses

Effective criminal records searches give you complete access to the misdemeanor offense details of the person upon availability. Here, you could rummage for the details of that person who has a dark criminal past.

How to reveal someone’s criminal records with TruthFinder?

TruthFinder scans through massive public records and swiftly assembles them in one easy-to-read report. However, it doesn’t provide a free searching facility. Rather, with a TruthFinder membership, you could get limitless access to the reports. 

Therefore, you can continue rummaging for information about the people in your life. Follow the steps below to get anyone’s criminal records within a couple of minutes.

Step #1: Visit TruthFinder

You have to visit the official site of TruthFinder,

Step #2: Provide the necessary information

Once the homepage of TruthFinder will open, select the “Criminal Records directory” underneath the site. After clicking on it, a page will open, where you can enjoy unlimited searches. 

Now, enter the first name and last name of that person. But, you can also narrow down a search by providing the city and state of the searched person. 

Step #3: Get the detailed report

After that, hit the ‘search’ button. Now, TruthFinder embarks on searching every possible criminal record. After a few minutes, it will represent the downloadable report. If someone has any common names, you will get a myriad of reports. 

So, by filtering by location, age, and staring at someone’s relatives, you may discover the exact person’s report to open. Moreover, scroll down a bit to someone’s “criminal record” portion of their background data to see the details. You may also extend a record to learn more about any case. 

Concluding Words

You may see a hell and heaven difference between a normal ‘criminal record’ search from any search engine and TruthFinder. What makes it trustworthy and different from the rest is that it provides precise results and contact details. 

Besides the contact data, the tool also provides you with countless information about the criminals. However, we have provided the easiest way to find out someone’s offense details above. Get the correct search results from TruthFinder by paying only a nominal subscription charge.

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