First Look: Crowdfunding Legends xFyro to Release AI-Powered Earbuds in 2021

The audio engineers at xFyro are known for leading the headphone industry in waterproof and wireless technology. They made a big splash in 2018 with the release of the xFyro ARIA on Indiegogo, a pair of 100% waterproof earbuds that went on to make crowdfunding history by raking in $2M from backers.

For 2021, xFyro has a new surprise up its sleeve: AI-powered true wireless audio. The new headphones, the xFyro ANC Pro, contain a sophisticated algorithm that “hears” the world around you to deliver a seamless listening experience (more on that in a sec). 

Along with AI-powered perks, xFyro sticks to its roots with solid waterproofing and durable materials. You’ll be able to take these earbuds just about anywhere and in any weather conditions. 

We got to take a first look at the new xFyro buds, and we’re extremely impressed with their performance. Not only do they sound awesome, but they feature advances in battery power, ANC amplitude, and ergonomic comfort that are currently unrivaled by any other pair of earbuds we know of.

The even better news is that you can get an early pair too. xFyro is having an unadvertised special early-bird sale for its original backers, and it’s offering 50% off a select number of xFyro ANC Pro units. The sale is open to anyone who knows about it, but the earbuds are not likely to last long. Grab yours now and get the new xFyro ANC Pro before they launch in 2021

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Here’s what we loved most about these AI-powered true wireless headphones. 

AI ANC Makes Music Better

AI ANC Makes Music Better
AI ANC Makes Music Better

xFyro’s obsession in 2018-2019 was waterproofing. They wanted to make sure you could take their earbuds anywhere on Earth and in any condition. And they succeeded spectacularly in their ARIA earbuds.

But they realized that waterproofing isn’t the only thing needed to make headphones life-proof. The main reason people need to take off their headphones is not rain or sweat. It’s because we need our sense of hearing when we’re out and about. 

Thus began xFyro’s new obsession: active noise cancellation (ANC). 

They wanted listeners to be able to listen to their music anywhere and all the time. So, they needed to let people hear certain sounds but block unwanted ones. 

That’s what xFyro’s AI-powered ANC does. It was “taught” to listen to your environment as you listen to your music. It learned more than 6000 different sounds, and it listens to them all in real-time as you enjoy your tunes. 

If the algorithm hears a critical sound, such as a car horn, a siren, or a voice speaking to you, it will allow that specific sound to pass through to your ears. All other sounds stay blocked.

Now, listeners can enjoy their music out and about without losing awareness of their environment. They can even hold conversations without having to remove the earbuds or even press pause. 

Imagine being able to keep your music playing non-stop while you lived your life? There’s no need to press pause or remove the earbuds when you get on the bus, talk to a barista, or walk through crowded streets. Even better, your music won’t be diluted by external noises you don’t need to hear. 

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xFyro’s ANC makes everything about listening on the go better. From the sound quality to the clarity to safety and convenience. And it’s all owed to an AI. 

Powerful ANC Modes

Powerful ANC Modes
Powerful ANC Modes

xFyro ANC Pro is truly the headphones for the ANC experience. You won’t get a more powerful noise-canceling effect from any other earbuds. 

At 30 dB of noise cancellation, they destroy the competition. Even AirPods Pro only has 20 dB of ANC power.  

This extra 10 dB makes a huge difference. It feels like you’re getting the noise cancellation effects of large over-ear headphones from a pair of tiny earbuds. When you add in the AI power, it feels like you’re wearing something from Blade Runner. 

xFyro ANC Pro feature 3 ANC modes:

  • Standard listening (no ANC)
  • ANC (30 dB of noise cancellation)
  • Transparency Mode (30 dB + AI)

If you wear headphones when you leave the house, we can’t recommend these earbuds enough. Especially if you think of your music as an insulator from the world around you. 

Clearer Sound from Graphene Drivers

Clearer Sound from Graphene Drivers
Clearer Sound from Graphene Drivers

What are graphene drivers? xFyro has been using this type of speaker for a while. The material graphene, a nano-lattice, isn’t cheap. But, it’s one of the best materials for building speakers.

Speaker drivers create sound by reverberating, and these sounds are then amplified so you can hear them. Drivers need to be very strong, or over time, they will degrade from all the vibration. When that happens, audio quality goes downhill. 

Graphene is an ideal speaker material because it’s ultra-thin (easy to reverberate) and practically invincible (it won’t be damaged by excessive reverberation). 

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Graphene is also incredibly small, being a nanoparticle, so it’s perfectly suited for inner-ear true wireless headphones.  

xFyro’s graphene speakers deliver clear sound at louder volumes, and you can expect them to last a very long time with no degradation in sound quality. 

For the xFyro ANC Pro, the graphene drivers were increased in size by about 40%. That means broader ranges, clean bass, and even louder volumes. 

These headphones sound great, as graphene speakers always do. If you haven’t got the chance to hear the graphene difference, the xFyro ANC Pro early-bird sale is your best opportunity to do so.

100-Hour Battery Life

100 Hour Battery Life
100 Hour Battery Life

We were surprised to see that the xFyro ANC Pro’s battery life, a feature largely passed over in the marketing materials for this product, is the longest battery life of any true wireless earbuds on the market. 

The earbuds last up to 10 hours on a single charge and have an additional 90 hours of power in their carrying case. Even with the AI Transparency Mode active, they last up to 8 hours. 

In any other earbuds, this would be the main selling point. And for a battery this advanced, you’d have to pay $400. Not with xFyro.

xFyro has managed to develop an incredibly long-lasting battery, and they simply tucked it in amid its nano speakers and AI tech. And they cost the same as a pair of AirPods (or half that if you order during the sale). Pretty amazing if you ask us.

With a battery like this, you can wear these earbuds all day, every day without having to worry about charging or even pressing pause. 

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Ultra Durable and Waterproof

Ultra Durable and Waterproof
Ultra Durable and Waterproof

xFyro couldn’t make a pair of earbuds without some waterproofing and weatherproofing tech. It would be sacrilege. 

While the xFyro ANC Pro doesn’t have quite the same waterproofing as the ARIA, they can still handle any weather conditions. Though unlike the ARIA, they can’t be submerged, so don’t take them swimming. 

The ANC Pro features IPX5 waterproofing, which is fine for heavy rains and copious amounts of sweat. They are also buttonless and seamless, so you won’t have to worry about getting dust and debris in any cracks. Truly Earth-proof, these earbuds can travel from the mountaintops to the beaches without missing a beat. 

The Earbuds to Beat in 2021

The Earbuds to Beat in 2021
The Earbuds to Beat in 2021

2021 isn’t upon us just yet, but of all the wireless earbuds we know that are dropping next year, xFyro ANC Pro is the best. For the battery life, powerful ANC, AI algorithm, and excellent audio clarity, there’s no listening experience that is this good at this price. 

xFyro is hoping the ANC Pro will push it into the mainstream, and we believe that will happen very soon. This small startup that made it big on crowdfunding just a couple of years ago is now firmly in the same league as Apple and Bose. 

Don’t wait until 2021 to pick up your pair (for a premium price). Get your xFyro ANC Pro now for an early-bird price of 50% off. According to xFyro, there are less than 600 units left. Order now and get yours before 2021!

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