How To Fix Android Is Upgrading on Many Android Phones

How To Fix Android Is Upgrading on Many Android Phones

The Android is Upgrading is one of the most annoying bugs I have Faced on my HTC Raider 4G phone. I Have tried my best trying to Fix this problem all but to no avail.

I later root my phone to know if it can fix the issue but was void.
But Today am telling you that today if you follow the guidelines I will list below, we are are going to get things done.

First, I discovered that I installed 15 apps on my phone but whenever I boot it, it is not exactly the number of Apps that I installed that is showing.

How To Fix Android Is Upgrading on Many Android Phones

Android Upgrading
Android is Upgrading

A long time ago, How I manage to fix a little part of this issue is moving some of my apps to the system folder, but I discovered that some apps won’t won’t well or won’t work at all at the system folder.
They keep on crashing and I was not comfortable with it.

Even my Google Play Service refuse to work very well in the system folder but It fixed the issue. I wasn’t able to download anything from Google Play Store but I can browse all the contents and apps but it won’t download.
Other Google Apps like Gmail works very well.

So I can say that It Fixed 70percent of the Issue but I didn’t Publish anything about it.

With this method, I hope it is going to fix the issue on your phone.

What is Required To Fix Android Is Upgrading

  1. Your Android Phone with that Bug.

  2. Any App to SD app.(Am using Titanium Backup).

  3. Rooted or Non-rooted Phone we are going to Work on.

  4. Enough Space on your SD Card.

Note: Titanium backup for root will not work on a phone that is not rooted. It is better for you to root your phone for a better experience of this guideline.

How To Fix Android Is Upgrading on Many Android Phones

Am using a rooted Phone that is why I mentioned the Rooted phone. But there are some apps that don’t require root permission to perform their task. You can search for App to SD on Play Store or Google Search or You the Search said below.

Like I said in the beginning, I discovered that this happens to apps that are installed in our phone memory. Whenever we boot our phone, our android system will scan through them. This normally happens to some Android phones running Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. It is a bug anyway but I don’t know the reason why it does happen.

It mainly happens to Some HTC PHONES running Android 4.0.3 ICS.
So I tried Moving some of the Apps to SD and lo and Behold when I boot my phone, only a few apps were showing when my phone was booting.

Some of them were unable to move to SD or Phone Storage.

NOTE: Phone Storage is the same as SD Card and is very different as Phone.
Internal Memory is the same as Phone.

The name that some apps displays might be different from mine. But the use app I specify will help you indicate where you are moving it.

The reason why we are using an app2sd app to move some apps to our SD is that its developers did not design it to be installed on our SD CARD. By default, it is installed on our internal memory and can’t be moved to SD. So, with some of this apps, we can push them to our SD and they will work very fine without any problem.

Try moving all your apps to your SD Card and see if it is going to fix your problem. If you are using app that requires root permission, grant it root permission for it to be able to work fine ut, if your phone is not rooted, find an app that will work very well for you without root permission.

if the How To Fix Android Is Upgrading on Many Android Phones still persist, if it does, you can tell us from the comment box to know what step we have to take in solving your problem.

How To Fix Android Is Upgrading on Many Android Phones

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