Mobile Uncle Tool Which is mainly for MTK Devices is one of the best android apps so far I have seen since I started using Android. it has many unbeatable features that I have not seen on many apps.

I will say that it comprises many features which are shared on many apps. Its a must have the app on any Android running on MTK.

When we talk about installing recoveries on many androids, its one of the most uncomfortable task so people do ignore.

Like I stated on so many of my blog post on some occasions where recovery must be installed, not all recoveries can be installed through Command Prompt using PC.

I encountered one Huawei device which already has a corrupted recovery and can’t be used to perform anything like resetting to factory setting, flashing of android Rom, installing Zip from SD cards and other features a recovery suppose to be performing. The only way that I can get through that is to root the phone, flash a recovery using Mobile Uncle Tool and do the that I want to do.

I tried all my best to install the recovery through PC Command Prompt but I keep getting a failed message, that the file am flashing is not compatible with the phone, I was even confused because I got the recovery from android XDA Developers Forum.

I did a little work trying to confirm whether it can flash any recovery with Mobile Uncle Tool, and I can say that you can flash any recovery with Mobile Uncle Tool as much as your phone is rooted and it will work best on MTK Devices.

How To Flash Recovery With Mobile Uncle Tool


  1. A rooted Android Phone.
  2. A recovery you want to flash.
  3. A compatible Android phone.(MTK Mostly)


Mobile Uncle Tool

First of all, you must ensure that your phone is rooted, if you don’t know how to root your phone, you can learn how to root your phone here.

Then Download Mobile Uncle Tool here and install. Ensure you that your phone allows installation of an app from unknown source. When you finish the installation, launch the app and it will prompt a root access request which you have to allow.

Before you will be able to flash a recovery with Mobile Uncle, you have to place the recovery in the root folder of your SD Card.
You can rename the recovery to a name you can easily indicate.

Launch the MobileUncle Tools app and Navigate to Recovery Update in the list of the options.
It will display all the available recoveries you placed on the root of your SD card.
Click any of them and process of installation will begin.
Follow the installation process till it is done.

If you encounter an error(s) while flashing a recovery through Mobile Uncle MTK Tool.
Maybe you didn’t follow the installation process very well or that your device is not compatible with MobileUncle Tools or that your device is not an MTK Device or that The Recovery you are flashing is not compatible with your phone.
Check one of this errors and retry the flashing.

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