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Free bets are promotions made at the expense of a bookmaker’s office. When a bettor wins, the net winnings are transferred to the player’s account —minus the amount of the bet that the bookmaker takes. If the bet is lost, the bet burns out, but the player does not lose his capital.

Free bet is one of the most popular bonus offers. In the form of such a promotion, bookmakers offer first deposit bonuses for new bettors, bet insurance, bonuses for bets on certain events, etc. The conditions for both receiving and wagering a free bet may vary.

When evaluating an offer from the ranking of the best gambling affiliate programs, consider:

  • how the free bet is calculated;
  • how long it can be used;
  • are there any restrictions on the odds for bets that can be made using the free bet.

Many different free bets appear every day. It can be difficult to make the right choice.

What you need to do to get free bets

The conditions for receiving a bonus vary depending on the specific promotion and the bookmaker. To get started, in any case, you need to register on the partner’s website and familiarize yourself with the terms of the promotion.

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Another common option is free bets, which bookmakers award as part of special promotions and tournaments. Both new and regular customers can apply for them. Some bookmakers give free bets to inactive players to win back their loyalty. These are personalized offers, usually a single free bet with a fixed size.

There are some features that should be considered:

  • Freebet can only be used once;
  • Some bookmakers allow you to split the amount into multiple bets;
  • Freebet becomes available when certain conditions are met;
  • If the free bet is not placed, it will vanish after the expiry of the period specified in the conditions of the promotion.

To use this promotion, you need to go to the betting line on the bookmaker’s website and find the event you are interested in. Then select the rate. Most often, the use of free bet is an option in the coupon, it must be activated.

Some players can’t activate the free bet offer. Carefully read the conditions of the promotion when signing up and making the first deposit. If you are sure that you have completed them, but there is no free bet, contact the support service.

Tips for using free bets

The benefits of using the bonus are evident: it builds the loyalty of regular players and is a great way to attract new users for bookmaker offices. On the other hand, it is the method to make bets without losing your own funds and get your first free betting experience.

Freebet is the amount on the bonus account, you cannot withdraw it. To get money, you need to place a bet and win a bet — and then the sum will be on your personal account. Some bookmakers impose restrictions on such bets: for example, they are allowed to place a free bet only on express bets with three events.

The main rule: read the rules and requirements in detail on the bookmaker’s website. Withdrawal information is presented in a separate section. If you have any questions, please contact the client’s service.

Do not chase for a large amount of free bet, consider the wagering requirements as well. As a rule, the larger the bonus, the more difficult it is to get it. Free bets are well suited for a beginner player with no experience in betting. Practice analysing sports events on free bets. Give preference to small free bets, but with the ability to split the amount into several bets.

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