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Techies are not famous for having a high sense of fashion. And that is understandable.

In the tech world, there isn’t so much room for a relationship between a techie and fashion.

Simplicity is the watchword in the techie’s dress code. Function over aesthetics. If a shirt, denim, and sports shoes will work, then that is what we will wear.

However, if the occasion calls for a tuxedo, we are obliged to dress for the occasion. The same thing applies to dressing for the season. During the winter or rainy season, fashion is geared towards keeping warm. In summer or warmer months, a lightweight outfit is preferred.

Trying to keep up with the fashion for weather can be tricky. It is best to have something for any weather, cold or warm. This has been our thought until we came by an interesting all-climate jacket, Gamma.

Touted as the ideal all-weather jacket, Gamma Jacket is a rugged, lightweight, insulated jacket that doesn’t sacrifice utility or style.

Judging by the colour, Gamma can work with anything. It can be your everyday jacket, vacation jacket, activewear, and going-out jacket.

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With Gamma, you don’t have to worry about wearing black outdoors. The jacket is built around graphene’s incredible qualities. So it doesn’t absorb heat like regular material.

Graphene is what distinguishes Gamma from other sportswear. Graphene is a nano-lattice that is only one atom thick and is stronger than diamond. Interestingly, graphene is not just the thinnest, strongest, but one of the most pliable substances known.

Graphene isn’t only the strongest substance known. It’s also the thinnest. It is actually lighter than air by one atom. Consequently, Gamma is very lightweight and flexible, making it ideal for folding, storing, packing, and carrying in your backpack. Travelling with Gamma may help you save a lot of room in your suitcase, which is useful for minimalist travellers.

It’s an all-purpose Jacket.

Gamma all purpose Jacket
Gamma all-purpose Jacket

Whether you’re going for a hike in the mountains or stopping into town for a cup of coffee, the heat-insulating design will warm you up in seconds.

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You won’t have to wear many layers or heavy jackets with Gamma. Gamma’s graphene layer will change its temperature according to your surroundings, keeping you comfortable in conditions ranging from warm to cold.

Technology and features of Gamma

Gamma is outfitted with three carbon fibre heating components integrated directly into the jacket. When your body heat isn’t enough, you may use a button to supercharge Gamma’s graphene layer.

The heaters will begin to warm the jacket within seconds, and graphene will disperse the heat to your whole upper body. The thermoregulating characteristics of graphene guarantee that the jacket does not become too hot.

Large pocket spaces

Gamma has several compartments, including multiple concealed pockets, making it useful at home and secure when travelling. You can keep everything you used to keep in your tote bag in your jacket – that’s if you can handle the extra weight.

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Water and odour resistant

Gamma Jacket is Water and odour resistant
Gamma Jacket is Water and odour resistant

Gamma is %100 water-resistant. You can put $1000 in one of your jacket pockets and go for a walk in the rain.

Thanks to the antibacterial tech used in creating Gamma, it is odour resistant. So you don’t have to worry about your sweating building up odour-causing bacteria.

Lightweight and easy to clean

You must be wondering how much the jacket weighs with built-in heaters and graphene. Well, as stated earlier, Graphene is lighter than air. So you will not notice the weight of the material. The built-in heaters are featherweight as weight, putting the overall weight of the jack under 1kg.

The jacket is easy to wash. You shouldn’t have issues cleaning up and taking it out to dry. However, make sure to recommended dry cleaning guidelines when handling the material.


If you want to learn about the Gamma jacket, visit Better still, you can invest in the clothing line by supporting it on Indiegogo.

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