How Do I Get SAAS Backlinks? Guidelines for SAAS Link Building

SaaS companies, particularly new ones, often place a premium on being shown on the first page of search engine results. It’s the key to expanding your customer base and attracting new ones. Achieving a high Google ranking will set you apart from the competition and provide you with credibility.

However, starting a new firm might take a lot of work. How, then, can you promote your company to the target audience? The solution is to use effective search engine optimization (SEO) tactics.

What exactly is the backbone of such an SEO approach? The answer lies in backlinks. This piece will discuss how to strategically develop organic link-building for SaaS products. Click on the appropriate link below to quickly go to a specific part. Read the introductory material first; then, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty.

What is SaaS Link Building?

“SaaS link building” is obtaining links to a SaaS company’s website to boost its search engine ranking and exposure. SaaS link building aims to promote referring domains’ number and quality (websites that link back to yours).

These backlinks should ideally come from authoritative sites. New SaaS businesses may find it difficult to get useful inbound links from these resources. Using the assistance of link-building services is a practical and inexpensive way to simplify matters.

Google and other search engines favor links from larger and more reliable websites, which can be done with the help of a backlinking service. Why? High-quality referring domains frequently have a higher CTR and conversion rate.

People are more likely to visit a recommended site. Search engine algorithms offer more weight to websites with high-quality referring domains.

Benefits of Link Building

The number of other websites that link to a website or blog is often used to determine its popularity. Your Google Page Rank is also heavily influenced by the quantity and quality of the websites that link to you (PR).

Link building is an important strategy to increase traffic from search engines in the weeks after a blog or website launch.

Google will always provide credit for incoming links from a reputable source. Link-building success demands authoritative inbound links, not infinite links. An SEO link-building service will know all about it, so choose a link-building agency wisely.

As an example of link building’s benefits, consider these:

  • Increased exposure on search engines for your blog.
  • Find your site flooded with visitors from other related sites.
  • People will consider your site a resource if you work hard to gain quality inbound links. You may accomplish this goal by producing high-quality content.
  • Strategic link building may speed up your site’s indexing.
  • A large part of SEO is also devoted to link building.

To What End Do Backlinks Serve?

Backlinks assist search engines in gauging your site’s relevance to user queries. When applying for a job, it’s typical to present references who can attest to your suitability. And one day, you could be asked to be a reference for someone else. Referral links increase sites’ trustworthiness and traffic.

A high rank in the SERPs is crucial for extending your consumer base and generating new site visitors. If other websites link to it, it signals that it’s the go-to resource on the topic.

Provide Some Instances of SEO Backlinks

Links for search engine optimization may take several forms. Backlinks may appear in various formats, the most common of which is underlined, hyperlinked text with annotated anchor text.

  • A hyperlink in a post, status update, or summary of a podcast episode
  • A logo or icon is shown prominently on a website’s first page
  • An online video with a clickable link
  • Connected infographic

How to Create Links for SAAS?

You may employ any number of various link-building services from experts. A link-building outreach approach includes free templates for sequence preparation and customization.

  1. Guest Posts

Therefore, this tactic is common to SaaS sites. It’s a feature that most websites have. The main reason for its inclusion here is that so many SaaS applications need to make the most of a blog.

Corporate updates on a correctly chosen blog may showcase your SaaS product’s best features. Blogging may help you become an industry expert and connect you with your audience.

In the world of SaaS, trust is essential. Customers that question your offers, service, or expertise will likely go elsewhere.

Consider Ahrefs, a leading example in this field. Ahrefs, a SaaS provider, knows how important content is. Ahrefs’ blog gives helpful information and promotes its product.

To maximize your site’s chances of receiving backlinks from relevant sites, you may use any number of content tactics. Among them are:

  • Long-form writing should be used. When creating content, prioritize quality over quantity. Create insightful and interesting articles by doing thorough research.
  • Pay attention to the importance of on-page SEO. Write every material with on-page SEO in mind. Include a meta description, title tag, and keywords in the content itself.
  • Use citations. If you want people and search engines to take your information seriously, you need to link to other sources that verify your claims and facts.
  • Make use of the web of social networks. Use social media and other online channels to spread the word about your work. Distribute it to your audience and fans, and persuade them to forward it to their contacts.
  • Follow the progress you have made closely. Monitor your search engine rankings and visitor numbers after adding new content. You will know you are doing things correctly if your rankings and/or traffic increase.
  1. Resource Pages

It’s no secret that resource pages are a gold mine of helpful information on the web. Pages designed to serve as resources are those that aim to provide helpful knowledge to the reader.

Websites with valuable resources are usually guides or instruments. Listicles, articles, case studies, and ebooks highlight the advantages and features of SaaS systems.

You’re on the right track if any of the titles you’re considering for your resource pages begin with “10 tips” or “The 50 Best…” Informational in nature, resource pages are an effective tactic to explore if you want your content to go viral.

  1. Roundups of Pitched Links

While link roundups aren’t specific to SaaS, they consistently perform effectively to gain links. A weekly or monthly link collection includes articles, blog entries, and more. In this approach, they may help audiences find and spread interesting new material. They provide a reliable and consistent method for website owners to get backlinks.

Creating SEO-friendly, high-quality content is the first step to getting included in link roundups. Link roundups offer interesting, well-researched, and reputable content. Authors of link collections look for and highlight the most relevant sites. High-quality content will increase your chances of being highlighted.

You should also make sure that the correct individuals are seeing your material. Write down blogs and journalists who cover your specialty and contact them. Building trust with editors increases the possibility that they will connect to your site.

How can you locate appropriate link roundups for your brand? 

The quickest and simplest method is to make use of search operators. Google and other search engines provide “search operators” to restrict searches. Search operators help you discover specific sites, pages, and data. You may use search operators to filter out certain domains or URLs to refine your search further. 

  1.  Trade of Backlinks

According to Google’s Link Schemes limits, “excessive link swaps” may harm SEO. You need to use caution to avoid exhaustion. Use backlink exchanges sparingly and only when the links enhance your content and are relevant to your SaaS offering. A link-building service will know exactly how many links are required for one’s SaaS firm.

  1.  Participate as a Special Guest in Podcasts

Appearing as a podcast guest might help you get backlinks from popular resources. Sharing your knowledge with a broader audience and attracting new consumers is easy when you create a podcast.

A guest appearance on a SaaS podcast? Here’s how to find one and be ready:

  • The search operator “SaaS” + inurl: podcast” works well for locating podcasts relevant to your specialty.
  • Make sure you meet their requirements by reading the rules thoroughly.
  • Please introduce yourself to the hosts. Get your message across clearly and succinctly.
  • Practice your responses to typical interview questions to ensure you’ll be well-prepared.
  • You better be ready if you want to get the word out about the episode when it airs.
  • When the interview is over, the host will give you credit. Most podcasters would gladly provide a link in their show notes or the audio file itself if you ask them to.

Moreover, you should guarantee that your website is attractive, search engine optimized, and simple to use. In this manner, it will be prepared to receive the influx of new clients you expect to get as a result of your participation in specialized podcasts.

  1.  Analyze the Links to Your Competition

If you use Ahrefs to analyze your rivals’ link profiles, you may uncover opportunities to build similar links. You may easily construct a list of your rivals’ connections and add your own. 

  • Suggest an alternative, better source
  • Substitute a new link for one that has expired
  • Find in-depth coverage on a compilation’s featured resources page
  • To be featured, you should contact the head of content marketing and ask what kinds of stories are in the works

Once you know the specifics of your competitors’ link structures, reproducing them is easy.

  1.  The Skyscraper Method of Brian Dean

SEO professional Brian Dean invented the skyscraper method. It involves developing more content than competitors and offering it to websites connected to rivals. That’s the theory, at least. Depending on the market and audience, this technique may only work for some SaaS solutions. This strategy requires creating unrivaled content.

If you want other sites to link to yours, your content must rank in the top 10 of relevant search results and stay there.

  1.  Benefit From Co-integration Partners

SaaS sites should leverage integration partners to get inbound links. Integration partners augment the SaaS provider’s offerings. The SaaS vendors may cross-promote and acquire more clients by working together. If this happens, SaaS may get more website traffic and inbound links.

Find firms that offer relevant goods and services to find integration partners. A SaaS supplier of internet marketing solutions may partner with a website design agency. Two companies promoting each other’s goods and services may enhance SaaS website traffic and backlinks.

  1.  SAAS Evaluations and Registrations

Software such as service review sites and directories helps find and promote new suppliers. Have you ever done a Google search for “best time tracking SaaS” or anything similar? Your search engine probably directed you to a site that compares SaaS time-tracking options.

The ones listed below are good places to start looking for information on SaaS.

  • GetApp
  • Capterra
  • Top Ten Reviews
  • Software Advice
  • TrustRadius


Backlinks are vital for SEO and a natural online presence. Increase backlinks to your SaaS’s content marketing pages for results. Your research should give you the confidence to generate SEO links for your SaaS firm. Making relationships requires effort and networking.

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