Getting on Top of Cybersecurity in 2024: A Guide

The turning of a new year always precipitates new thinking about challenges and opportunities. In a world increasingly concerned about cyber threats, that means reviewing their digital infrastructure in light of new and emerging cyberattacks for many businesses.

This short guide gives you a helping hand in that task. Below are the four key concerns for cybersecurity professionals and companies operating in the digital sphere. You’ll learn what threats to focus on and how you might be able to mitigate their worst impacts. 

Novel Threats

There are many ways to track novel threats. As a cybersecurity analyst, that’s a case of evaluating reported hacks and breaches to see if something new is taking place – or trawling the dark web for signs of new software criminals use.

However, for businesses, one of the best ways to stay on top of new cases of cyberattacks is to consult a vulnerability database that’s built to catalog the most recent breaches to applications and digital software, highlighting what might need to be patched by you, your IT team, or a software company you’re partnered with. This will help you respond quickly to novel threats worldwide. 


The rise of ransomware attacks is predicted to continue and perhaps even accelerate in 2024, given how lucrative such attacks appear to be from the standpoint of cybercriminals. The concept is simple enough: breach a company’s data center and block that company from accessing that data. Ransomware gangs then offer that data back – for a price or a ransom.

Many companies have opted to get insurance for these attacks to cover the cost of the ransom. It’s wiser to prevent them in the first place, with better password security and smart digital systems built to prevent any single loss point for all of your firm’s data. 

Cloud Security 

Cloud Security

There are good reasons for companies to use the cloud rather than hosting their own digital software on their own servers. The cloud helps distribute computing power to huge data centers, which means that you usually host complex apps without having to possess computing power yourself.

The downside is a slew of new cyber risks, many of which companies are unprepared for. Ensure you’re partnered with a cybersecurity firm that’s experienced in offering cutting-edge cloud security to protect your cloud-based systems

Human Error

Even in 2024, when the world is well aware of the many risks associated with poor digital security, individuals in your company may still accidentally share a password, leave a laptop on a train, or otherwise make your entire firm more vulnerable to a hack. These human error events aren’t entirely preventable, but you can certainly reduce their likelihood. Enforce strong cybersecurity protocols in your firm, including training and password security tips, so that your employees are less likely to be the reason cybercriminals breach your firm in 2024. 

Make these changes and be aware of these risks to put yourself in the best position to avoid the issues related to cyberattacks in 2024.

Daniel Odoh
Daniel Odoh

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