Google Play Services has Stopped, how to fix it

Do you face the issue of Google Play Services has Stopped on your Android smartphone and don’t know how to fix it.? There are many things that might be causing the issue and we are going to tell you some various causes and solutions to it.

Things that might cause Google Play Services has Stopped.

There are many things that might contribute to the issue of your Google Play Service.

An Outdated App.

Apps that are Outdated are likely to crash while trying to run on your phone. The reason why apps are being updated frequently is to fix issues, bugs, and crash relating to the app.

Most of us don’t care about updating our apps, though it’s sometimes not recommended to put our phones and PC in the auto-update it helps a lot.

The reason for not putting it on might be due to internet subscription consumption.

An unknowing update can take lots of our internet subscription when we don’t want them to and that might cause us money.

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You can update your apps and software when you want and when you are ready.

  • Battery Saver app.

Having some battery saver app is very good in Android but doing the wrong setup can cause war on your smartphone.

Yes, if you include some apps that are meant to be constantly running on your smartphone and put them to hibernation, they might force their self to run and the battery saver app kills them and that’s war, they die and crash and that’s when you see the results that this app crashes.

  • Root Access.

This might be of little contribution but might have a significant impact on the problem. We all know that Google somehow dislikes Root access that is why you hardly find rooting apps from Play Store.

What you can find there is just rooting instructions apps and something like that.

So when your phone is rooted, it might be conflicting with the Gapps(Google application) on your phone.

  • Installation location.

This contributes a lot, yes it does.

You know, apps that are installed on the SD card or removable storage stops working when the storage is unmounted.

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You see, even when you want to unmount an SD card, you will get a similar message or warning telling you that apps installed on the SD card are likely to crash or stopped working.

For now, that’s all I know that can contribute to Google Play Services has Stopped on your phone. Now is.

How to fix it.

Google Play Services has stopped
Google Play Services has stopped

This is are the just possible fix to the problem as I cannot guarantee that this will surely fix it.

This is due to the fact that it might not be only one thing causing the issue.

  • Try Updating your Apps.

Like we said, having an Outdated App can cause an app to crash and the only way you can fix that is Updating your apps.

Try Updating all the Gapps on your phone and try rebooting your phone to know if it will be fixed.

  • Setting Battery saver apps correctly.

Who doesn’t want to save a lot of battery, if you are not using a smartphone with big battery capacity, you are leaving likely to be using a battery saver app?

Some of the battery saver apps can disable or be causing our apps to crash or be putting them to sleep, try and make sure that no Gapps is included in the list of apps to be terminated when the app is running.

  • Root Access Control.

If you have rooted your phone, try unrooting or Disabling the root access to know if it will fix your problem.

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If it doesn’t, you can re-enable your root access and try the option below.

  • Installation location.

If you installed your Gapps on your SD card, try, changing the installation location to Internal Memory. Or if possible, push it as a system app if your phone is rooted to know if it will fix the problem.

  • Lastly, reboot your phone.

Weird but you might not need to do any rather than just rebooting your phone.
Most of the app might be working smoothly and Bam!, It crashed, all you have to do is just reboot your phone and everything is going to be alright.

Were you able to fix the problem of Google Play Services has Stopped through the above guide? if yes, tell us by indicating on the one you tried as you might be helping somebody.

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