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How Long Does It Take For Google To Remove Information From Deleted Reddit Account

If you delete your account from Reddit, what happens? When we delete an account from a digital platform, we first think about how to get back the data or information or how to remove them from a deleted account. 

Reddit is one of the popular online sites which has worldwide users. It has a huge collection of communities and forums. Reddit is a platform where people can share news and other content and comment on other posts. 

If the users want to delete their Reddit account, then what happens? This article will discuss the answer to this question. Plus, you will get to know how google removes posts from Reddit. Do keep on reading till the end point of this article. 

If You Delete Your Account, What Happens To Your  Username, Posts, And Comments?

Do you want to delete your account? How to delete Reddit account, and what happens with your Reddit posts, username and comments? Well, when you delete your Reddit account, a few things happen— let’s see them.

  • Account Delete From Reddit

Deleting a reddit account, your username from comments, avatar, cake day, post history, karma and any other profile information you may have set up. 

Even if someone has a direct link to your profile, they’ll get notified that your account has been deleted.

  • Your Username Is Removed 

When you delete your account from Reddit, please remember that you will never use this again. Your username will now be deactivated. 

You could not use your old password or username to log in to Reddit. In most cases, on different sites, we can use our old username to re-open the old account. 

  • Post And Comments Will Stay On Reddit Account

Please note that posts and comments that you have made will stay on your Reddit delete account, but people can’t see the source of the posts.  

If you wish to delete your post or comments, don’t delete your account without deleting those posts or comments. People always make the mistake of thinking that a deleted account can delete everything on Reddit, but the thing is not like that. 

You need to delete them before you delete your Reddit account. Along with this, please keep in mind that when you delete a post, the link to the post will still exist, but the post is itself deleted. The post is only accessible by the direct link, and they do not appear in Reddit research. 

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  • Your Message And Chat Will Stay on Reddit

Any message you sent on Reddit took part in your deleted Reddit account. Messages stay on your account until you delete them by yourself. However, people can see the messages but they can’t see the sender of the message. 

Once you delete your account, it’s removed from the administrator, and Reddit can bring it back for the account holder. So, every user of Reddit is sure before deleting the account. 


Does Google Remove Deleted Reddit Posts? 

Suppose you have deleted a few Reddit posts recently. The deleted post is gone from google swatch, but others stay in the cached version. So, now you may wonder : how long does it take for google to spot that posts are deleted. 

The answer is– “ If Reddit doesn’t have 404 deleted threads, then Google will eventually drop them due to no content, but the catch is since they have been dropped from navigation, they are more difficult for Google to find, so some may linger. Over time all should fall from search, but they can’t be expedited.” 

If the page is not cached, then there is no evidence that Google has seen the posts that it has deleted. Google will normally crawl the pages numerous times before removing a 404 from search results. 

Final Words

However, users have different opinions on it.  It can be said that if Reddit doesn’t delete 404 threads, then Google will drop them, which is difficult to navigate.  At the end of this article, it is clear that if you do not delete your messages or images from Reddit, they still stay on your deleted account. 

People can see them, but they are unable to see the sender. Hopefully, we have met your question. Still, if you are confused about it, feel free to share your words in the comment section. 

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