A Guide On Local SEO For Google My Business Success

More than 46% of people look up to the internet to find local information


Any small business will agree on the power of local SEO. And if you aren’t aware already, more than 46% of people look up to the internet to find local information. This should you tell you the importance of optimizing the local search. And if you have not thought about optimizing local SEO, it’s time to do it because you could be missing out on many people who are already looking for your business.

To help you understand how local SEO can benefit your Google My Business, here are some tips from SEO Atlanta that you can ponder upon. 

  1. Optimize Google My Business 
Optimize Google My Business
Optimize Google My Business

Before sharing the tips, it’s prudent to understand what Google My Business is. Simply put, whenever you search for something on the Google search engine, it lists a few businesses right at the top. It could be best “coffee shops near me,” “best SEO company near me,” and so on, you will come across a few business names. That’s what Google Business Listing is. But to be listed by Google and shown when someone searches for your business, you will first have to list your business on Google My Business. 

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Once you add your Google My Business and start using it, you will choose what you want your audience and potential customers to see about your business on Google Business Listing. If you pay attention and optimize Google My Business, it can help you have better visibility. Also, do use local keywords that customers use to search for your business. 

  1. Check the Account Information 

If you want to be easily found by people looking for your service, products, and business, you must ensure that your contact details are valid. The name of the business, website address, phone number, and address have to be valid. To do this, you will have to set up NAP. Don’t add NAP information in the form of an image, thinking that it will be the same. Important information shared through an image won’t help you crawl on search engines. But HTML texts do. Add NAP in the header or the footer, wherever you think is convenient. 

  1. Add Products and Services Name on the Profile 
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Even if you are visible on Google Business Listing, your customers will soon start to avoid you if they fail to find relevant services and products on your profile. Google My Business account allows you to add your services, products, and menu conveniently. Your profile should give the audience an overview regarding what kind of products and services you have. 

When your potential customers find the relevant products and services right there on the profile, they will feel encouraged to stay and learn more. When people start spending more time on your website, Google will realize how valuable your business is for people and help you rank better. That’s why make products and services easily available so that the customers can find them. 

  1. Include High-Quality Photos and Reviews 

Take Google My Listing account as an online store’s page and think about what you will want the store to have? No matter your business type, ensure to add a few good photos. If you don’t have good photos, ask a professional to capture some high-quality images. Just make sure that the photos are clear. Google gives more credibility to profiles with images. And just like photos, ask some of your satisfied and happy customers to leave reviews. 

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When someone searches for a local business, they pay attention to what people have to say about it. Therefore, reviews are crucial for everyone, and the more positive reviews you have, the better ratting you will have on Google. Also, do keep in mind that people tend to look at the rating first. 


Local SEO is important if you want your local online business to have better visibility and attract more customers. You can contact the best search engine optimization Atlantacompany to better understand local SEO and what goes into it. 

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  1. Local SEO is a powerful tool, especially for small businesses. By adopting certain tactics, you can get a steady flow of customers who are ready to do business with you. By following the best practices as mentioned in the blog, businesses can increase the visibility in the search engines. I have also written a blog on local SEO which you can read.


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