Halloween: Facebook Pushes Out Massive Halloween Content for Messenger and Website

October is a month of Halloween and Facebook Team doesn’t want you to be left out of the amazing moment of the Halloween.
With Facebook, this seasons Halloween is going to be a lot more of fun as the biggest social media allows its users to wear some scary costumes while sharing a video with their friends on Facebook during this Halloween Season.
These features are available on the official Facebook app and its websites as well.
It is available to everybody using the camera for live videos and Facebook live can wear some spooky dressings and memes and cloths and frames and masks as well to celebrate the Halloween in a spooky way.
How To Enjoy this wonderful and scary Facebook Halloween feature.
Like we said above, this applies to people using their Phone Cameras for Facebook live and also updates.

Facebook-halloween feature
It is available for both iOS and Android and also for people using their personal computers and desktops as well.

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