Technology has really left us with good and bad stuff; nevertheless, it has done more good than bad. In the times of old, people pay to watch different sporting games at some sporting centers. There weren’t a lot of centers that show all kinds of sports – soccer, basketball, javelin, etc. you could only find a few of them. Thus, not everyone is able to watch all their favorite athletes perform live on the field. However, nowadays, people can now sit at the comfort of their home and stream live events of the sports they love.

Also, gambling wasn’t an online thing; you have to hit a gambling store to play and win. Similarly, if you want to place any kind of wager, you’ll have to go to a local betting shop to do that. This can be stressful because the betting shop may be far from your home. Quite a lot of limitations controlled how people try their luck in betting, but with the help of betting apps such as Oddsusa that promotes sport betting in usa, things have started taking new turns.

Why Betting Apps are Making Sports Betting More Popular

A betting app is simply a mobile application that allows you to place wagers without stepping an inch out of your comfort zone. Bookmakers started rolling out betting apps in the 2010s; however, they weren’t so popular until after a decade. Well, the sudden rapt popularity of betting apps can be linked to the advancement of the technologies used in developing mobile betting apps.

Right now, mobile betting apps are packed with quite a lot of features and payment gateways that provide great convenience to punters. Since almost everyone living in this age owns a smartphone, including teens, mobile apps are generally becoming very popular. Nevertheless, before you can install a betting app, you must attain a certain age – mostly 18 years or above.

How Betting Apps are Making Sports Betting Popular in Recent Years

In 2017, UKGC published that the number of punters who place bets using their mobile devices increased by 39%. This was about 10% higher than the record in 2016. Over time, betting apps are becoming increasingly popular as many people feel more convenient using their mobile phones to book games than computers.

When you have a mobile betting app installed on your mobile smartphone, whether it is an Android phone or iOS device, you can easily bet on many events at ease. More so, most of these betting apps offer a lot of events, including soccer events, casinos, poker, wrestling, lotto, etc. Unlike in the times of old when you have to visit different betting shops to place different bets, now with the mobile app, you can book as many games as you wish, and equally track the games via the mobile.

Some bookmakers have also included live scores in their mobile app so that punters using the app can monitor their bets in real-time.

More so, somehow, mobile bet apps have provided punters with a way of streaming live games without visiting a viewing center.

However, people’s choice for betting apps may differ; some want to use the betting app from a particular bookmaker, probably because the bookmaker provides better odds for various sporting events.

Betting apps are making sports betting more popular because it is now easy to follow up on your favorite sport and bet on the best teams/athletes. More interestingly, punters can view head-to-head analytics of any two teams or individuals via the app. This much convenience provided by betting apps is the actual secret to their increasing popularity. Finally, some bookmakers offer huge bonuses from time to time, as well as reward punters that use their app with various kinds of incentives to keep them addicted.


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