BusinessHow does Magento Dropshipping Integration Work?

How does Magento Dropshipping Integration Work?

In this article, we’ll get to know how to have the dropship feature for your Magento 2 platform-based web stores. Basically, the Magento dropship plugin provides the multi-source inventory concept, which lets sellers conveniently manage their multiple warehouse inventory.

On the customers’ end, the customers can place the orders at the storefront, and the shipping of the ordered product is done from the nearest warehouse instead of the store itself. The admin can also create multiple warehouses with products and their respective quantities. In this article, you will learn:

  1. The workflow at the customer’s front 
  2. How the admin can create various warehouses from the back end 
  3. How you can assign the managers to it 
  4. How the shipping can be saved for each of those made warehouses 

Apart from the dropshipping plugin also allows you to import the products from AliExpress into your Magento 2 web store. You can enable the customers to place orders for those products. The admin can complete it by navigating to AliExpress itself. You can also hire professionals for your Magento dropship integration.

Defining the Dropshipping Depot

The first step will be to define the Depot, which will contain the dropshipping, the products of which will be available for dropship. The creation of the Depot is a standard and relatively easy way. You can create a depot yourself and name it something you like.

It is essential to specify that the designed dropship depot is correctly configured for selling and shipping. As soon as a product is available in the dropship depot, it will automatically be displayed in stock on your website.

Synchronize the Dropshipping Depot with the Supplier

The second step will be to synchronize the stock of the drop shipping depot with your supplier’s head over the supply. In the configuration of this supplier, you will specify that you wish to import stock levels of products via either file, which can be found on a URL or a file on FTP.

The system will automatically update the quantities of this Depot with the data found on the file. The FTP can equally update procurement costs; you will then have products available in this Depot.

Completing a Dropshipping Order

This step will happen automatically when an order is made on your website. If the order includes products that are solely available from the dropshipping Depot, the system will automatically associate the order to the dropship depot.

However, if your products are available from your stock, you may ship from the traditional method. With embedded ERP, the dropshipping interface has been conceived to follow orders sent in dropshipping and equally those transmitted. The list contains all the available orders for dropshipping for each product.

The system will automatically select a favorite supplier, or you may additionally choose the cheapest and impose that the supplier has the product in stock. Once the product is available for dropshipping, it will automatically send the dropshipping order to the supplier.

Transmission of the Order to the Supplier

While sending the dropshipping order to the supplier, they will receive an email. In the email via a link, the supplier will print the PDF of the supplier order. They will include a number to track the package and save it.

Once the supplier is confirmed, the order will then automatically be shipped in Magento, and the supplier order will be synchronized. This corresponds to the supply order with the completed status “this order has been shipped to the client,” and we’ll find the tracking number.

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