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Your ECU is also known as the Electronic Control Unit’s chip is able to store maps of programs that instruct the injectors on what amount of fuel to provide to your engine, and on the petrol engine, when to start the spark plugs. It also stores numerous other factors such as fault codes, sensors’ inputs, and outputs as well as virtually every other element that affects the operation of an engine. 

When you use the default factory settings, your ECU is programmed to work with the lowest grade of fuel that can be used across the most countries possible and by Remapping the ECU to maximize performance using high-quality fuels, like those that are used by the UK in the UK and European countries. ECU FLASH can help your car run better while reducing fuel consumption and generating more power due to the increased efficiency of combustion.

Remapping History

Since its inception in 2004, ECU FLASH has gained a reputation for being one of the leading UK economic and performance tuning experts in partnership with other tuning firms from around the world.

This natural extension into the efficiency and performance tuning market was developed over a period of years of research and testing, giving you the security you need in the process of altering your vehicle. The performance tuning section of ECU Flash promises to enhance your current vehicle, and add the extra strength and precision, balance, efficiency, or simply a feel to your vehicle that you’ve lacked.

We have a team of experts of software developers within our company as well as connections around the globe with other programmers and tuners who are part of our team and modify ECU for all kinds of automobiles, from trucks and tractor models to road cars with high-performance like Porsche 991 Turbo. Porsche 991 Turbo. Our laptop is connected to your vehicle and download the latest program from your ECU. We do not alter the current ECU software, which will result in a better fit rather than replacing your software with an off-the-shelf version which is why you will get better performance and economic benefits.

We will have our ECU software engineers will examine your software to identify areas that can be improved for efficiency and performance. It’s up to personal preference. You might want to increase the rev limit, disable any speed limit, or even iron out flat areas. If you’re not certain what you’re looking to accomplish then, our performance tune will meet your requirements.

If you find that the initial map isn’t what you want We’ll tweak it to make sure that the program is what you’re looking for. We’ve never, and will ever compromise how we map ECU. We provide a custom service that lets you achieve exactly what you need. You’ll be able to rest assured that the mapping of your ECU will not cause the engine to be damaged We still create intolerances to make sure that your vehicle is safe and secure, all day!

We backup every ECU software to our archive before tuning is completed and at any time you can revert the program in the event that you want to restore it to the previous version.

Upgrade ECU

The engine’s program is stored in memory in one of the ECU chips. The program can be read by a computer equipped with special hardware. In most instances, we are able to read or write the data through the car’s OBD (On-Board Diagnostic Port) which means there’s no requirement to remove the ECU.
Torque is the primary item to be improved, and improvements generally range in the range of 35% for regular turbo cars. The engine is scanned through the OBD socket using diagnostic equipment that optimizes all maps inside the car.

Remapping Or Tuning Box

Tuning boxes are gadgets that you add to your car with the intention of stealing transmissions coming from your ECU chip and relaying them to the sensors inside your fueling system and engine. 

Certain tuning boxes operate by tricking your vehicle’s ECU by using false information to make the chip believe that the engine is performing something different, which makes the ECU increase the amount of fuel. Other tuning devices work by altering data after it leaves the ECU chip so that your engine and your fuel system act differently due to receiving modified instructions. No matter which type of tuning box you choose to use, the results will be similar, each work by altering how much fuel is supplied for the engines. 

Furthermore, because it is playing with an ECU and/or the engine it is constantly in conflict between the tuning device and the chip in your car – where the ECU chip is trying to rectify the inaccurate information. This is particularly true for the most recent Euro IV engines with very strict emission control. This results in uneven performance, and often there is no improvement in performance in any way.

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