The popularity of gambling is nothing new, as it has been a societal engagement for millennia in diverse places and societies that haven’t even had contact with each other. So just like any other ever-green thing, it passed the digital test and it spread its popularity online. However, popularity comes with a price. Nowadays, there are countless sites that aim to show great online slots offers and things can get confusing. If you want to gamble smart, you’ll need a helpful tool to pick out the best online slots so you can make sure that even if you’re gambling, you’re doing it in a safe, regulated environment.

A quick Google search will bring you to an ocean of possibilities that are dedicated to this type of gambling. And just like any other multitude, it has both a good and fun part to it as well as a dangerous part. The dangers of online slots playing may come from the offers and regulations of the site that hosts them, but they can also come from the way they are programmed to work.


Slot machines are way older than the digital world. The first machines of this type were patented at the end of the 19th century and even if the first types had a basic mechanism, not much has changed on them since then. The beginning of this colossus concept started in New York City, and the images were taken from a classic playing cards deck. If a player won with a complete line, then he would get free drinks or cigarettes.

Their simplicity and addictiveness made them super popular and they bloomed in the world center of gambling, Las Vegas. The more the elegant casinos developed, the more floor space they used to dedicate to these types of machines. As their popularity increased, their structure became more complex and so did the images and symbols that appear on the player’s screen.

When the Internet started to become more and more like a virtual world, casinos appeared online. In fact, some of the most popular online casinos have been on the web market for over 12 years, even more. That meant that games had to be adapted to work from a server and appear on the user’s computer. And that is exactly what happened. Slots then appeared as virtual games and their fame put them on the top of game categories, so much so that game providers fight to make the slots better constantly.

Online slots work with the help of a Random Number Generator. That kind of software is not used only in gambling sites, but it’s efficient. Every line and symbol that appears after the player pulled the spin lever is randomly chosen from a sequence of digits that are extracted from the generator. Depending on what type of slot game it is (3 or more reels, jackpot, video slots) each aspect that may affect the outcome of the game is regulated by chance, that is if the place is licensed and the game provider is committed to safe gaming.


Even so, the more complex the game is, the more difficult it is to win. The chance that all the features of the game align to give the player the highest prizes is one in millions. And because nothing can be guessed or calculated, like it happens in card games, for example, the player has no control over the outcome of the game. This is not the only downside to slots, however. Casinos want to keep a safe margin for their offers and so, when betting on spins there might be restrictions on how much you can bet per spin or how much you will be able to retract from such a game.

Considering all these aspects, you should ponder the fact that slots gaming is a move full of risk that might not match the potential rewards. This is a statement that applies to gambling in general and although it’s true, that does not decrease the mystery and enticing aura of laying odds. Slots don’t require the player to make a strategy, but that can be both a positive and a negative aspect. The randomness of the games is probably the reason behind their great fame, but the fact that the player has a low percentage of control over the lines can make it unappealing. The wisest and simplest advice you can receive before playing them is “Think twice”. Winning is not as close as you would think.

It might not be surprising that gambling is never meant to be fully on the player’s side, but the mechanism behind certain games is not always known. It’s better to start a new venture that involves the potential risk of losing money having all the facts with you. When you choose a slot game, look for a licensed casino, a well-known game provider, read the rules, and know that luck may be on your side, but it can take a while before you catch it.


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