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Now You Can Bear Single Name on Facebook

Now You Can Bear Single Name on Facebook

Now You Can Bear Single Name on Facebook

Today, I will show you on How To make single Name on Facebook.

Making single Name on Facebook can be geeky and makes you look more Facebook advance to your friends.

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But Facebook doesn’t allow that Officially for it users to change their name or allow them to have only one name on Facebook.

But even at that, they are allowing people from some location to have one single name on their profile.

But like it said, only people from a specific location are allowed to have one single name on their profile.

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A survey shows that people from Indonesia do answer longer names and that’s why Facebook allows them to have only one name.

Though answering one name on Facebook can make you look invisible sometimes because people will be finding it hard to see you.

Once a name is searched, people with two name which is First and Last name will appear first before people with only one name which is an only First name or Last name.

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But that is not the case anyway, the reason depends on you. My work is to deliver the guide to you in a descriptive way.

How To make single Name on Facebook



1. A PC (must).

A proxy server.

A little intelligence and lastly.

Little time.

For you to use one single name.

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For Firefox Users.

Log in to Facebook and go to settings.


And change your account language to Bahasa Indonesia.

Open another tab on your PC and go to http://www.proxynova.com/proxy-server-list/country-id/ to a web proxy for Indonesia.

After getting Indonesian Proxy from Proxy Nova,

You have to set it up on your Firefox.

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Go to settings tab on your Firefox and Network and set the Proxy and port you got from Proxy Nova.

You can set it by deselecting auto network settings and a choosing manual, then you can be able to make use of the Proxy you got from Proxy Nova.

After entering the Proxy and port in your internet settings, you save it and for better results, I will advise you to close the Firefox and reopen it.

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If possible, clear your cache and login back to Facebook with the Language set in Indonesia.

Now head back to https://www.web.facebook.com/settings and go to account info.

Click your name to edit and modify them to the way you like.

Now you can delete one of the names or the both and input your desired one name that you wish to answer.

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This is the complete guide for Firefox Users.


For Google Chrome users.

This method might be a little complex for you to use but it very simple if you follow everything we tell you.

Log in to your Facebook account and set your language to Bahasa Indonesia.

Now Click the network icon on your PC screen and go to settings.

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Go to modify network and change your proxy with the one Firefox user used previously.


You can download a proxy extension on Google Chrome, the name of the extension is called hide my ass.

It better to do only one of them, either you change your proxy address manually or by it automatically by installing the Hide my ass extension.

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Now launch the hide my ass plugin and visit Facebook settings page.

Edit your name and change it to your preferred one name.

Always remember the tabs and you visited when changing everything you change because you know it will be no longer English but now Bahasa Indonesia.

If you are finding it hard to navigate and change your account language back to English, you can install Google Translate Extension and translate the page and then change your account settings back to English.

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Note; Changing your Facebook name can risk your account from getting a temporary banned for further verification and no related search results.

Good luck.

This is my Guide on How To make single Name on Facebook


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