How to become an influencer on Instagram?

As we all know that it is an era of social media. Social media plays an important role in the lives of many people. Many people use social media to be famous like actors and sportsmen. Mainly, Instagram is a social media platform for people to become famous. Many sportsmen and actors are largely famous on Instagram. There are many other social media platforms with which users can become famous.

Now we will talk about “How to become an influencer on Instagram?”

First, we all have to know about Instagram influencers. An Instagram influencer is a person who put an impact on society with his work on Instagram. Influencers can post reels on Instagram or run their business.

Mainly, you have to follow eight main steps to being a successful influencer on Instagram.

  1. Choose a niche you are passionate about
  2. Create a noteworthy bio
  3. Share your stories
  4. Make your Instagram feed appealing
  5. Post content consistently
  6. Choose the right hashtags
  7. Get a business account
  8. Leverage Instagram stories

Choosing a passionate niche

First, you have to think about your interests and in which field you want to work. Many Instagram influencers are working on their interests. Some of them are doing their business and some are making reels. If you want to be an influencer you have to make your interest in the things and the work you want to do on Instagram. Let’s go through some famous Instagram influencer profiles like Mister Beast.

Mister Beast Instagram

He is an influencer with amazing talent. He is a content creator and Youtuber with over a hundred million subscribers. Mrbeast has almost 20 million followers on Instagram.

Creating a note-worthy bio

This step is important. You have to create a bio that attracts the users. When they open your page or account, they should instantly follow you when going through your bio. 

russianfire instagram

As shown above, russianfire_ is an influencer with a worthy bio. Her bio tells us about her content. It tells us what is she actually up to. Bio is the base of an influencer. Having a quite worthy bio is a key point for an influencer.

Share your stories

If you share your stories continuously, your account would be in the eyes of people. And you can advertise your product with help of your stories. Updating your stories will remind customers of your brand and boost overall engagement. Stories tend to be shorter, less polished posts that offer more of an intimate, “behind the scenes” kind of feel. So, posting stories is another step toward being an influencer.

Making Instagram feed appealing

If you want to make your Instagram appealing, what you have to do is pick a color scheme for your feed. The color feed displays your page as interesting and amazing. Setting up your profile also makes your feed appealing. And at last, you have to choose a subject, audit your images properly, and always use natural light.

dreaming cloud instagram feed

The above Instagram feed seems appealing at first sight. All you have to do is to make your feed attractive.

Post content consistently

Being an influencer, you have to post content on your page continuously. If you don’t post continuously, your account will not grow. The growth of your account will decrease. So, you have to post the content in which you are interested consistently for the continuous growth of your page or business.

Choosing right hashtags

An Instagram hashtag is a searchable phrase such as characters like #happynewyear or #love (most popular of all). Each hashtag word or phrase is clickable and carries you to its related page. There are several types of hashtags that we can use on Instagram for being an influencer.

  • Acronym hashtags 
  • Branded hashtags
  • Location-based hashtags
  • Event hashtags 
  • Weekly hashtags

Research shows that the average Instagram posts have one to three hashtags. Hashtags serve the purpose of engagement. Research also shows that posts with hashtags are 12.6% more engaged than posts with no hashtags. This is the power of hashtags. 

You should also check if your profile is appearing on other Instagram viewers such as Pikdo, Pictame, Pikuci, etc. To learn more about how to use these Instagram viewers, you can read this content piece about Pikdo Instagram Viewer on Seotechnews.

instagram hash stats

The above report throws light on the average hashtags used per post. Simply hashtags are also the key feature for engagement of your content.

Getting a business account

The next main thing for you is to get a business or professional account. To start your career on social media as an influencer, you have to get a business account. The professional or business account is a platform for influencers where they can start their race. Shortly, the business account is the main thing in all. 

How can you get a business account all you have to do is to go to the account setting on Instagram and scroll down and at last you see a button to get a professional account the button gives you your Instagram account.

switch to professional account instagram

That’s how you can get your professional Instagram account. Coming towards the benefit of getting a business account.

  • You can get access to Instagram insights
  • Ability to add the contact button
  • Able to show your industry on profile
  • Ability to add links to Instagram stories 
  • Able to advertise on Instagram and make promoted posts
  • Able to verify age
instagram followers stats

Here like this you can see the Instagram insights on your Instagram account.

Leverage Instagram stories

You can take benefit of your Instagram stories. Consistently, posting stories on Instagram or sponsoring your stories to others’ stories feeds can give you a lot of advantages. As an influencer, you can leverage your Instagram stories. If you sponsor your stories your stories can be seen anywhere and your product or whatever you do on Instagram will be increased. 


If you follow the above steps, you can be a successful influencer on Instagram. This process takes some time but it is quite worthy. Only you have to work hard and follow the above instructions. At last, all my efforts and all my research are here. Hope you liked it. If you liked it, share it with others.


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