How to Care for Your Neon Signs

Neon signs are available in a wide range of colors, styles, as well as sizes. Plus, they can be styled with different artworks and letters. This gives business owners a myriad of opportunities to make a powerful marketing statement. So, if you are looking to make your business stand out from the rest, think in terms of neon signs. They are a perfect way to compliment your marketing needs. So, if you want to make a marketing statement, purchase the right neon sign for your business. Plus, learn how to take care of that neon signage of yours.

Neon Sign Maintenance

Want your neon sign to last for long? Well, learn the best maintenance tips.

Purchase the right Sign

The first step should be to choose the best sign. Choosing the right neon sign will influence its durability. Of course, neon signs tend to last for long. However, this doesn’t mean that you choose any neon sign. Go for the best quality signs from Neon87. Choose a sign that isn’t reachable by people. Remember, neon signs are made of grass. So, being touched by people can lead to breakages.

Handle Neon Signs with a Lot of Care

Normally, most neon signs come in glass tubes with gas. This makes them fragile. Thus, they must be handled with great care. For instance, when they are being delivered, unwrap then using great care. Ensure that the tubes don’t have any cracks. Everything should be intact. Don’t try to fix broken tubes. The gas inside isn’t safe for your health. Handle your neon signs with care—especially when moving neon signs from one location to another.

Install Your Neon Signs in a Safe Location

Choose the right place to install your neon signs. So, before you purchase your neon sign, ensure that you have a safe location in mind. Remember, glass tubes are extremely delicate. Install them where kids won’t reach them. Also, install them where pets can’t reach them. For instance, if you are installing neon hotel signs, think about the safety. Install them where customers won’t come into contact with them.

Clean them Carefully

Cleaning your neon signs is another great concern that requires care and due diligence. Plus, proper maintenance will optimize your neon sign’s functionality. Remember, dust can destroy your neon sign. So, learn how to clean them. Plus, if your neon signs are located in busy areas, be sure to clean then on a regular basis. Also, when not in use, switch the power to your neon sign off. Use a soft duster to clean any dust build-up in the tubes.

Before cleaning your neon signs, be sure to switch off the power. Don’t use ammonia-rich ingredients. Ammonia tends to damage the neon tubes.

The Bottom-Line

The above tips will help you take care of your neon signs. From proper neon maintenance to cleaning your signage—these tips are all you need to have your neon signs serve you for years to come.

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