How To Choose The Best Dedicated Software Development Teams in 2020

When trying to accomplish software development projects, hiring custom software development companies becomes more essential.

Outsourcing to a custom software development firm is both time and cost-effective and it simply means hiring experts who would take your projects to where you earnestly desired. 

According to Statista, 35% of companies prefer to outsource their IT service to other organizations because it enables them to focus on other important business needs.

From bypassing the stress of going through the recruitment process of hiring an in-house software developer to better flexibility and more control of your time, we can conclude that hiring custom software agencies is definitely worth trying. 

They help you with the heavy lifting by accomplishing those tasks you can’t (or probably don’t want to) do in-house.

For instance, software development companies like Fortyseven are equipped with a team of custom software developers who understands where you are going and can help you get there. 

However, there are many software and mobile app development companies out there and I’m certain you don’t want to select the left for the right. 

You want to select the best team for your software development projects

So the question remains how to choose the best?”  

In this article, Hanna Shnaider, the author here, discusses how to choose the best custom software development teams in 2020. You can view her profile here. 

So without further ado, let’s dig in. 

We’ll cover the following: 

  • What are software development teams?
    • Definition
    • When should you hire them?
  • How to select the best-dedicated custom software development, team
    • What are your requirements?
    • Make adequate market research
    • Skill and experience
    • Portfolio 
    • Communication channels 
    • Integrating the team 

What are software development teams?

Before getting down to the “how”,  it’s important we uncover the true definition of what we are talking about. 

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So what’s a dedicated software development team? 


Simply defined, a dedicated team consists of a group of tech professionals hired from a software development company to help actualize and speed up the completion of a project.

It’s obviously among the three most distinguished business models between a custom software agency and a customer in need of help.  

They are not the same as the in-house professionals and are categorized and regulated on a separate customer’s side of the business

 Among many others, a custom software development group might include: 

  • UX/UI designers 
  • DevOps 
  • Front-end engineers
  • Back-end engineers
  • Business Analyst and more

Hiring a dedicated team grants you access to a group of tech-savvy experts who commit themselves exclusively to your project. 

Additionally, when you hire a dedicated team, you’ll be able to control your workflow and focus attention on important tasks as the software company becomes responsible for the administrative support of the team.

When should you hire them

Before choosing a development team you must evaluate your business goals and understand the point at which you’ll need the service of these professionals. 

Here are a few cases you should consider hiring a custom software development companies: 

1. Projects with many tasks: The tech industry is fast-growing and organizations can’t keep up if they won’t be on the lookout for flexible means to keep the business updated. 

Not hiring a team of professionals when you have projects requiring flexibility is the same as willingly losing out on opportunities.

When there’s a change in requirements in the system of development and there is a multiple task at hand, a dedicated team will be there to back you and keep your brand’s quality up there.

2. Short time-frame: Recruiting in-house professionals into your team is more time-consuming and you’ll have to go through a lot of processes to find the candidate with the required skills, experience, and portfolio. 

So what do you do if you have a project that requires immediate attention? 

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In that case, hiring a custom software developer or agency will definitely be the right alternative. 

3. Low funds: Setting up in-house professionals isn’t just time-consuming, it may be too expensive for small businesses or startups with a very minimal budget. 

You’ll have to consider their salaries and resources to put in place before hiring a professional developer

Rather than waiting for so long to gather the necessary funds and resources, hiring a  software development company that can roll with your budget could be a brilliant idea. 

Now that you’ve understood and made the choice to hire a dedicated mobile app developer or custom software company, it’s time to dive into the exact blueprint you should follow before hiring them. 

How To Select The Best Dedicated Custom Software Development Team

1. What are your requirements

First off, you need to understand what you actually want, what your project is like, and what your requirements are. 

Knowing this will help streamline your search for the right professionals and will also make the hiring process a lot easier. 

This usually include: 

  • Understanding your project description
  • Understand Project description 
  • Knowing your team size
  • The workflow 

2. Make adequate market research

Having a clear understanding of your requirements is vital but it doesn’t always end there.

You’ll need to establish a standard for the professionals to follow and this might involve you analyzing your competitors and making your products more unique.

You don’t want to create a replica of your competitor’s software. Instead, you want to build a product that stands out from the crowd and offers limitless value to users. 

Next to this, you want to make necessary inquiries about the software company you’re hiring. 

Among many others, you want to: 

  • Check client’s reviews about their service
  • Find out about their fees
  • Understand their terms and conditions
  • Understand their requirements 

3. Skill and Experience 

After analyzing your competitor and the company which shouldn’t take more than a few days, you want some time to find out the number of years the custom software company has been in business.

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Doing this helps to make sure the software company can deliver the quality of work your project requires. 

For instance, if your project is a bit complex, it’s wise to hire a team with a minimum of 2 years of relevant experience.  

4. Portfolio 

Knowing about the projects and clients the custom software development company has undertaken in the past is also a critical part that matters a bunch.

 You want to find out about the clients they’ve worked with and contact them either physically or virtually. 

Be sure to ask about their customer experience and overall assessment of the software development firm. 

5. Communication Channel

Before concluding about the development company to hire, you must find out about the acceptable channel of communication. 

Politely ask how you will keep in touch with them and how frequent the communication will be. 

Usually, a development team gives daily or weekly reports on the ongoing projects but you can’t just assume that would always be the order. 

6. Integrating the team

Now that you have found the perfect dedicated team, it’s time to integrate them into your project effortlessly. 

You are at liberty to choose the perfect management tools you want to manage the team with.  

As part of the integration processes, you can decide to pay the team a personal visit, or perhaps you can create an avenue for face-to-face communication to further enhance relationship development. 

This could be a voice call or video call depending on your decision.

Wrapping up

By hiring a dedicated software development company, you rid yourself of the laborious recruitment process of in-house employees and focus on more advantageous opportunities. 

Fortyseven software professionals provide you with all the essential custom expertise and equipment required to take your project into reality.  

Embark your projects with our company  and we’ll help you simplify all the planning, communication, and development procedures 

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