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How to compile android OS for a netbook computer

The Android OS is capable of running on various types of smartphones and portable Internet devices, such as laptops and netbook computers. To use Android as a backup operating system for your netbook computer, log on to the Internet and download the bootable file Android-x86 ISO.Use a software application such as UnetBootIn, or Win32DiskImager to help you burn a copy of the Android-x86 ISO file on a USB flash drive.

Step 1:

Launch the Web browser on your netbook computer and type “Android-x86.org” in the search text box. Click the “Search” button. Click on the “Android-x86 ISO” hyperlink and download the file on your netbook computer. After the bootable file is installed on your netbook computer, burn the file on a USB flash drive.

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Step 2:

Insert the USB flash drive into an open USB port on your netbook computer. Be sure to delete and remove any files that you have saved on the USB flash drive. Also, make certain that the device has 256MB or more of free space available on it. Transfer all of the files that you want to keep to your hard drive. Or, use another USB flash drive to copy all of your files to the device.

Step 3:

Run “UnetBootIn” or “Win32DiskImager” and burn the “Android-x86 ISO” file on a USB flash drive. Follow the software’s instructions on how to write bootable images to an external storage device. If you decide to use UnetBootIn, click on the bullet next to “Diskimage.” Then click on the “…” button and select “Android-x86 ISO.” Go to “Menu” located near the bottom of the screen and select the name of the USB flash drive. Click on the “OK” button. It may take a few minutes for the application to finish copying the “Android-x86 ISO” file to the USB flash drive.

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Step 4:

Reboot your netbook computer. Press the “F2” key on your keyboard before the Windows startup screen appears to enter the BIOS (Basic Input Output System). Follow the BIOS instructions near the bottom of the screen and select the appropriate keys that will help you to navigate through the BIOS screens.

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Step 5:

Change the boot priority order in your BIOS. Select the sequence option that will enable your netbook computer to boot first from the USB flash drive. Press the “ESC” or “F10” key to save your BIOS settings and exit.

Step 6:

Wait for the installation process to start. Select a partition to install Android OS on your netbook’s hard drive. Format the partition using the EXT3 format. Then install the GRUB boot loader. Reboot your netbook computer to enable the Android OS to compile. If you do not want to install the application on your netbook’s hard drive, select the option that will enable Android OS to run from the USB flash drive.

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