How to Enhance Customer Experience

Regardless of the nature of your business, the customer is always the king. Customers have the power to make or break your business. They can choose to come to you or go to your competitor. It is, therefore, your duty to woo them to your side. And what better way to do that than enhancing customer experience?

In these competitive times, a business’s quality of products and services are no longer effective competitive differentiators on their own.

According to the customer experience report published by Oracle in 2011, 86% of customers are willing to dig deeper into their pockets for a better customer experience.

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So, How do you Get There?

In these modern times, most people make purchases and interact with their favorite brands online. As such, digital transformation has become a necessity for all businesses.

What is Digital Transformation?

According to microfocus, this is how businesses change to adapt to new technology and customer preferences. Although the current digital makeover levels vary by industry, it is a rising trend that will affect all businesses in the future. Simply put, digital shift is inevitable.

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction through Digital Makeover

1. Make Information Available Online.

One of the best attributes of a digital makeover is the ability to store information online. In the past, businesses used to store information locally. With recent advances in cloud storage and security, many businesses have made it a common practice to use online methods.

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Availing information about your business online is not only convenient for your customers but also your employees. It enables customers to get all the information they need without speaking to your customer support agents.

Like Amazon, many online retailers now allow their customers to access details on their past acquisitions on the company’s websites. Customers can also track, cancel, or return an order from the comfort of their homes. This gives their customer support agents more time to help customers with more complex issues.

2. Tailor Content to Individual Users

It all comes down to personalized content and recommendations. The more relevant your offers are to an individual user, the more likely they are to take advantage of the offers.

For example, if you sell your products online, you can use customer data to generate a list of recommended products based on your customer’s previous purchases.

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The way you adopt this strategy depends on your business’s nature and goals, but regardless of this fact, tailoring your content to individual users will motivate them to take action.

3. Embrace Automation

Continuous advancements in customer service AI systems have brought automation to a whole new level. In the past, automation was all about rudimentary chatbots. These bots issued canned responses to simple questions. But now, these systems are more adaptable and can cater to most customer needs.

According to a survey done by Accenture, about 84% of clients said that they prefer interacting with AI systems instead of human attendants because of their 24hour presence. In the same survey, 68% of customers said that AI systems were faster to engage, and 64% said that AI systems communicate more politely. This proved that most customers now prefer this approach.

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If you haven’t incorporated automation into your business model, now is the time to start. Even automating simple tasks like ticket prioritization and follow-up emails can go a long way in reducing the amount of time your customer service agents spend on basic processes, thereby allowing them to serve your customers more efficiently.

Final verdict

Recent technological advances have significantly impacted how businesses interact with their customers. Although some businesses are still adamant about implementing these changes, those that have implemented digital change have seen its benefits in enhancing customer experience and effective service delivery, not to mention the reduced workload on their customer service teams.

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