How to flash Nokia Smartphone with Software Update Tool


If the Nokia firmware you downloaded from our website or outside this website needs this software, follow the process below.


Follow this procedure below if you wish to flash your Nokia smartphone.

  • Download and extract Software Update Tool to your favorite folder.
  • It comes with a few files which include the required drivers. Properly install the drivers on your PC.
  • Extract Nokia 2.1 TA-1084 Firmware. (Can be nb0 or ffu).
  • Now Open SUT Software.
  •  Click Next to Continue with the flashing of the firmware.
  • The next option is to select the firmware that you want to flash.
  • On Update Option, Select Emergency Download Process, and click Next.
  • Power Off your smartphone and plug in your smartphone using a detectable USB Cord.

    Flashing will begin on Software Update Tool
    Flashing will begin on Software Update Tool
  • Once the flashing is complete, reboot your phone and enjoy.

Please tell us if you experience any issue below.

Android Files
Android Files
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How To Flash Firmware

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