How to Flash Samsung Galaxy Stock Firmware and Updates Using Odin

Flashing Samsung Galaxy stock firmware should be easy and quick unless you are flashing the wrong smartphone firmware to your phone. I am going to show you how can easily do that within some minutes. Just read below.

How to Flash Samsung Galaxy Stock Firmware and Updates Using Odin

Requirements to flash Samsung Galaxy Stock Firmware and Updates Using Odin

  • Samsung Galaxy USB drivers.
  • Samsung USB drivers for your smartphone in particular.
  • Official Samsung Galaxy stock Firmware for your smartphone and model.
  • The latest Odin for Samsung Galaxy.
  • A working detectable USB cable.
  • A Windows PC.
  • Latest Version of Samsung Kies.

Note that flashing your Samsung Galaxy smartphone Firmware to your phone may erases everything on your phone including contents on internal storage. It is always very advisable to backup your contents to an external storage or a PC.

Flash Samsung Galaxy Stock Firmware and Updates Using Odin.

For you to flash the official Samsung Galaxy stock Firmware Using Odin, you need to follow the processes below.

Each of the processes is very important and should not be skipped to avoid error or unsuccessful messages when flashing your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
Follow the steps below to flash the firmware.

Download and Install Samsung Kies. It helps in installing the latest driver for your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Download and manually install the Samsung Galaxy driver to your PC. It is very necessary because, most times, Kies doesn’t install them.

It is always advisable to restart your PC after installing all the necessary drivers to your PC.

Download the right Samsung Galaxy Firmware for your smartphone. Samsung Galaxy smartphones are not like other smartphones, you need to know many things about the phone. It includes the Model, Baseband, PDA, CSC, and Country. Flashing the wrong firmware can damage your phone. It is usually in a zip format, extract it and you will see the flash file in .tar format.

You can check the details of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone by going to Settings > About Phone and everything you need will be there.

There is an app called Phone Info Samsung, which will show you everything about your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Download and extract the latest version of Odin to your PC.

Power off your Samsung Galaxy smartphone and reboot it back to Download Mode.

Boot Samsung Galaxy to Download Mode
Boot Samsung Galaxy to Download Mode

You can boot a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone into download mode by pressing the volume down, power, and home button at the same time till it enters download mode. You should not release the pressed button till your phone enters download mode.

Use the volume up button to continue. Launch Odin for Samsung by right-clicking on Odin.exe and launching as administrator. Click on AP, and it will take you to search for the firmware you want to flash.

Select Firmware to flash on Odin
Select Firmware to flash on Odin

You will need to locate it from where you extracted it and select it. It will load on Odin for a few seconds. If your kind of smartphone comes with other flashable files, you will need to select them too.

Be very, very sure you untick repartition in the options settings. It can damage your phone if not unticked.

Uncheck options on Odin Samsung Galaxy
Uncheck options on Odin Samsung Galaxy

Do not start yet. we are going to make sure that your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone is detected by Odin unless, it won’t flash.

Connect your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone while still in download Mode, A message will appear in Odin, which says, added with a driver name.

Once it appears, you are good to go; if it doesn’t appear, you will need to reinstall your Samsung Galaxy device drivers.

Once connected, you can now click start to begin the flashing. When flashing Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, you will see a progress bar both on the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone and on Odin software.

Downloading process in Samsung Galaxy
Downloading process in Samsung Galaxy

Do not try to do anything with your Samsung Galaxy smartphone during the process. Wait for it to finish flashing the rom to your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, and then restart your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

If you experience any problems, don’t hesitate to tell us and we will look into.

If you don’t install all the necessary drivers, you may experience issues detecting your phone with the PC.

Download Odin

Android Files
Android Files

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