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How to get CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ Certification Using Practice Tests?

CompTIA is a well-known association which is engaged in issuing certifications for IT specialists with different professional skills. CompTIA’s credential program covers a few domains among which are IT fundamentals, Network, Security, Cloud, Linux, Server, and more.
Today, we will discuss three of the most sought-after and recognized CompTIA certifications –CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+. We will also reveal the connection between these credentials and will give you some tips on how to pass certification exams.
To get better results in CompTIA certification exams, find more information at the CompTIA website and get the most recent CompTIA certification dumps.
Now, let’s take a look at the first certification in our list:

CompTIA A+ certification

A+ certification from CompTIA is intended for aspiring candidates who want to enter the IT field and work on operational and technical support positions.
The individuals with this certification are well prepared for problem-solving, troubleshooting, PC repair, and security tasks. To get this credential, you may need some additional preparation resources such as practice tests.

CompTIA A+ certification practice test

Practice tests are necessary for exam preparation because they give you the possibility to see your weak and strong sides well before the actual test.
By solving practice tests, you can familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and hone your time management skills to be completely ready for the upcoming exam. To earn CompTIA A+ certification, you need to pass two exams:220-901 and 220-902.
To find more information about CompTIA A+ certification, visit the CompTIA website, and check the updated CompTIA A+ certification practice test.

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220-901 exam

This test concentrates on PC peripherals, PC hardware, mobile device hardware, troubleshooting hardware, networking hardware, and network connectivity problems.

220-902 exam

This exam is dedicated to the installation and configuration of operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Android, Apple OS X,andiOS. It also covers operational procedures and cloud computing fundamentals.

CompTIA A+ 220-901 dumps

As 220-901 is the first exam you need to pass to start your CompTIA A+ certification path, you need to be well prepared for it. A mistake will cost you money and time. So, you may consider using exam dumps, which will certainly help you perform better and then move to your 220-902 without any delays.
To learn more about220-901 exam, take a look at the latest CompTIA A+ 220-901 dumps.
Upon completion of CompTIA A+ certification, you can move straight to the next stage:

CompTIA Network+ certification

Network+ credential will help you to make a step up and enhance our skills in network management, troubleshooting, and configuration. The certification also covers essential network devices, network traffic segmentation, network resiliency, network security, and many more. To get certified, you need to pass N10-007 or N10-006 exam (the English version of N10-006 has already retired, while the versions on the other languages are available until 31 January 2019).

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N10-006 exam

N10-006 exam is dedicated to different wired and wireless network devices and its management, configuration, and troubleshooting. The exam also includes topics related to virtualization technologies, cloud, mobile, and unified communications.

N10-007 exam

Exam N10-007 is a newer version of the exam which includes some additional objectives such as best practices of cloud computing, new virtualization techniques and hardware, and more.
After you complete your CompTIA Network+, you can move to CompTIA Security+ certification. Let’s take a closer look at this credential and discuss the details that every candidate must know.

CompTIA Security+ certification

One of the most dignified certifications, CompTIA Security+ is also one of the toughest to pass. It is all about security skills which are highly demanded by multinational IT firms Click to Download!. With CompTIA Security+ certification, you can easily work as Security Administrator, Network Administrator, Security Consultant, and Security Engineer. To obtain CompTIA Security+ credential, the candidate should pass one exam –SY0-501.

SY0-501 exam

SY0-501 exam covers knowledge related to the installation and configuration of systems to secure devices, networks, and applications. The test also includes topics such as threat analysis, risk mitigation, and the application of laws and policies. Certified professionals are able to perform the mentioned tasks to support the principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

CompTIA Security+ practice test

CompTIA Security+ is a high-level certification which can be obtained only if you have enough skills and experience to tackle all the question of the exam. In this case, practice tests can become real salvation for the aspiring candidate as they provide you with reliable training material.
With practice tests, you are able to prepare for the exam in a realistic environment and reduce the stress and anxiety you may feel before the actual exam.
To know more about CompTIA Security+ certification, visit the CompTIA website and check the latest CompTIA Security+ practice test.

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CompTIA certification dumps

If you are interested in why CompTIA certification dumps are so important, we have an answer. The more practice questions you take, the more skilled you become in test-taking. You learn how to manage your time properly and react quickly. CompTIA certification is highly respected all around the world, the sooner you earn it, the better.
Speaking about IT certification tests in general, exam dumps can serve as a great solution for the candidates if combined with proper study guides, books, and diligent training. Exam dumps will not only help you to nail some hard exam questions but also to calm down and relax before the actual exam.


CompTIA certification is a great way to express yourself in the IT market. Certified individuals are always in demand, so, with CompTIA credential, you will surely stand out among other competitors. So, get the relevant training materials and go for a sought-after CompTIA certification without any doubt. And don’t forget about practice tests, now you know where to find them!

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