How to Install Your Gmail Signature to iPhone

Gmail is the most used emailing platform in 2018. From a 3.7 billion email users, Gmail has a whopping 1.2 billion users as of 2017. Gmail is the leading email platform in the market right now.

It has become a necessity to have a Gmail account otherwise many software programs or applications cannot be accessed. Hotmail or Yahoo have been swept clean by Gmail because of easy accessibility and multiple functionalities.

Gmail is easy to use along with its other applications on an Android phone. iPhone tends to be a bit different and might pose a challenge. Here we are going to crack this challenge and get you an amazing email signature!

Steps to Install Gmail Signature

iPhone is another popular trend in today’s world that people tend to hold on to. The reason why this device is so popular as it shows great quality when using it. And those who own an Apple device can easily add favorite applications, including signatures. Other reasons are quite simple:

  • They have a fast processor and they provide updates to iOS on a regular basis;
  • Good quality camera with high definition display – their images have appropriate color saturation;
  • iPhones have better hardware as compared to Android devices giving them long life.
  • It is quite easy to use with fewer complications;
  • iPhone always gets the best applications in the market before Android;
  • Also, they have fewer bugs in their new applications.
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Let us jump right into the context. Many people while switching from an Android phone to an iPhone forget, and do not know how to add a Gmail signature. Well, it is not rocket science and we will explain the best and the easiest methods to do so.

Step 1: Gmail Account

If you already have a Gmail account, then you need to go to the Gmail app or access Gmail through mobile Safari. If you do not have the application right on the screen, you need to go to the “Settings”, scroll down and tap on “Mail”. It will open Apple Mail and iCloud. But go to the Gmail section or simply login with your Gmail account.

If you do not have a Gmail account, you would want to create one. It is quite helpful in every sphere of life. To create an account, you need to click on “Create an account”. After putting some simple information about yourself, you will have the Gmail account within seconds.

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Step 2: Settings

You need to go through the list of folders and navigate to the topmost block. You will see a gearwheel there. It is the settings option in the mail. Once you click on it several options will pop-up in front of you.

Step 3: Mobile Signature

In the options that are shown, tap on “signature”. You have an option to choose email signature instead of the desktop signature. This is the case if you already have a signature.
In case you need to create email signature from scratch, professionals from NEWOLDSTAMP can help you with the same. They help in creating or rejuvenating amazing signatures at quite cheaper prices. Plus they will help you in setting up the signature.

Those are 3 easy steps that will help you install the Gmail signature on iPhone. You may do the same in other Apple devices. But Gmail app has come up with a simpler option of tapping at the settings followed by signature instead of going through the whole mail or Safari method. You may have several emails (personal and professional), so make sure you login to the correct one or switch to the right account.

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Why do you need to have the Gmail Signature?

Email signatures are the easiest way to communicate with your prospective clients authoritatively. In order to be successful in the long run, you need to sacrifice some time as a start-up.

If you have subscribed to some offer emails, then you must have observed a digital signature of the company. Let us try to go through the advantages and disadvantages of having an email signature and reason why they are needed.

Advantages of having email signature:

  • It helps to build trust among target audience leading to increased click-through-rates;
  • It provides all the necessary information for contacting you in case they want to buy or have a query;
  • Email signatures make it easy for the customer to follow the company on social media or subscribe to future emails;
  • They are a sign of true professionalism and authenticity – the company would know that this company is not another fraudulent company;
  • Brand awareness and brand loyalty are two important pillars of business. An email signature is the foundation stone for both of them.
  • An appropriate and catchy email signature always attracts the reader’s eyes.
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Disadvantages of having email signature:

  • Well, you need good software knowledge to be able to make an impressive email signature. But NEWOLDSTAMP has got you covered in that spectrum. You can use this service and their great ready-to-go templates.
  • You need to constantly update with new contact information in case you change it. Again if you take the services of NEWOLDSTAMP, they will do it themselves at no extra cost.
  • There are certain rules and limitations while setting up the email signature.

As you can see the limitations are quite less and there are some positive factors that are missing in this article. All the disadvantages can be worked out by NEWOLDSTAMP to create email signature online. They will help you make their way through the problems and towards success much easier and faster.

In Conclusion

iPhones and the Gmail both are the most popular in their respective fields. But installing Gmail signature can be quite an issue in an iPhone since Gmail is easier to use in Android phones (as Google supports Android). You can see in this article the easiest ways to do so with further reasons and explanations. Also, remember NEWOLDSTAMP can help you create nice-looking signatures and avoid all the headache

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