How to make xp Farm in minecraft


XP farm is an essential tool for Minecraft players as it helps obtain valuable experience points (XP) that can be used to improve their skills and abilities. The construction of an XP farm can be accomplished in various ways, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

This article aims to discuss different types of XP farms and how you can build them to meet your requirements. Additionally, we will provide tips for effective XP farming and introduce an XP calculator that can help Minecraft players track their progress.

How to Make XP Farm in Minecraft 3
How to Make XP Farm in Minecraft

Types of XP Farms:

Mob Spawner Farm:

Mob spawner farm is one of the most common types of XP farm, as it utilizes natural spawners that can be found in caves or abandoned mineshafts. These spawners spawn mobs in a dark area, which the player can then kill for XP.

You can create a mob spawner farm in Minecraft by finding a natural spawner, building a dark room around it, and installing water channels leading the mobs to the kill chamber. There are several ways in which the killing chamber can be designed, depending on what the player prefers to use. Some players prefer using lava to kill the mobs, while others prefer using pistons.

Spawner Cage Farm:

On the other hand, the Spawner cage farm requires players to capture spawners using a pickaxe with the Silk Touch enchantment and place them in a farm to spawn mobs. The advantage of a spawner cage farm over a mob spawner farm is that players can choose which type of mobs to generate, depending on the spawners they capture.

To build a spawner cage farm, players need to capture a spawner using a pickaxe with the Silk Touch enchantment, place it in a farm, and surround it with blocks to prevent the mobs from escaping. Water channels can be used to transport the mobs to a central killing chamber.

How to Make XP Farm in Minecraft 1
How to Make XP Farm in Minecraft

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Enderman Farm:

Enderman farm is designed to attract and kill endermen, which drop valuable items such as ender pearls and XP. To build an enderman farm, players need to find a suitable location in the End dimension and create a platform at least 32 blocks away from the main island. This will attract endermen to the platform, which can be killed using water or pistons.

Guardian Farm:

Guardian farm is used to kill guardians for their drops, which include prismarine shards and crystals. Players need to find an ocean monument to build a guardian farm and clear out the guardians using either a water-breathing potion or a conduit. The farm can then be built around the monument, with water channels leading the guardians to a central killing chamber.

Blaze Farm:

Blaze farm is used to kill blazes and obtain their rods, which can be used to craft blaze powder. Players need to find a nether fortress to build a blaze farm and create a platform above the blaze spawners. The blazes can then be lured into a killing chamber using minecarts or pistons.

Zombie Pigman Farm:

Zombie pigman farm is used to obtain gold and experience. Players need to create a platform above the nether ceiling to build a zombie pigman farm and light up the surrounding area to prevent other mobs from spawning. The zombie pigmen can then be lured into a killing chamber using water or minecarts.

Steps to Building an XP Farm:

Regardless of the type of XP farm, the following steps are generally required to build it:

Preparation: The first step in building an XP farm is to gather the necessary materials and choose a suitable location. The materials required may vary depending on the type of farm but typically include blocks, lighting, water, and Redstone.

Building the Farm: Players can start making the farm according to their chosen type once the materials have been gathered. For instance, a mob spawner farm requires players to create a dark room around the spawner, while a spawner cage farm requires players to enclose the spawner in a cage and use water to transport the mobs to a killing chamber.

Tips for Effective XP Farming:


It is important to keep the farm well-lit to prevent mobs from spawning in unwanted areas. Players can use torches or glowstone to light up the farm.


Water can be used to transport mobs to the killing chamber quickly and efficiently. Water channels can be designed in several ways, depending on the type of farm.

How to Make XP Farm in Minecraft 2
How to Make XP Farm in Minecraft

Looting Enchantment:

Looting enchantment increases the chances of mobs dropping rare items, which can be sold or used for crafting. Players should enchant their weapons with looting to maximize their gains.

Efficiency Enchantment:

Efficiency enchantment allows players to mine blocks faster, which can save time when building the farm. Players should enchant their pickaxes with efficiency to speed up the building process.

Resource Management:

Players should manage their resources effectively to ensure they have enough materials to build and maintain the farm. Some farms require a lot of resources, such as iron for minecarts or redstone for pistons, so it’s important to plan ahead and gather resources before building.

AFK Time:

Many XP farms require players to stand in a certain spot for extended periods to maximize their gains. Players should set up their farm so that they can AFK (away from the keyboard) while the farm runs. This can be achieved by using auto-clicking or creating a system that automatically kills the mobs and collects their drops.

XP Calculator:

An XP calculator is a useful tool that can help Minecraft players track their XP farming progress. It calculates the amount of XP required to reach a certain level and the amount of XP that can be obtained from killing mobs on a farm. With an XP calculator, players can set goals and monitor their progress as they farm XP.


XP farm is essential for Minecraft players who want to improve their skills and abilities. Players can build several types of XP farms, each with its unique advantages and disadvantages. To farm XP efficiently, players need to follow certain tips such as lighting, water, looting and efficiency enchantments, and resource management. Finally, an XP calculator can help players track their progress and set goals as they farm XP.

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