How to Manage Leads Online in Nethunt CRM

Customer Relationship Management or simply CRM systems were designed to optimize business processes for interacting with already existing and potential customers.

For many entrepreneurs, this software still means something strange and unnecessary, but this technology definitely deserves more attention.

For sure, when it comes to communication and social interaction, people are irreplaceable by computers, machines, and software algorithms.

But CRM systems are not meant to replace employees in managing customer communications. In fact, their main goal is to improve relations with existing customers by means of lead management in CRM, to make potential customers willing to pay, and to increase the efficiency of employees.

About Leads

 In most of the CRM systems “Leads” term means any individual – a person or contact, company or deal that might bring some new customers.

Most of them propose the user-friendly functionality of online lead management. Once your leads entered in CRM system you use, they are scored and qualified. This means that all the information like prospects, budget, level of interest, and company size – all are counted and calculated.

There are two types of leads – consumer leads and target leads. From the point of view of the CRM customer who wants to count the online promotion of his company, the “Lead” is a potential customer or consumer of the services proposed. The number of successfully created leads usually indicate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign on the Internet.

Reasons to Manage Leads

It is worth mentioning the functionality to integrate with the email services, which allows the user to conduct all the company correspondence within CRM and customize advanced automation scripts. For example, a program can send emails on behalf of a manager at a specified time or organize a group mailing according to the contacts database.

Software to manage sales leads allows marking every lead as prospective and non-prospective. When prospective – leads are converted to contacts. Sometimes when dealing with a company that generates a few leads at a time CRM owner might want to skip this boring process of leads creation and just pull some new names directly into the contact list instead. And this is also possible here.

Probably there are no best ways to manage leads as for different types of business different approaches are suitable. However, there are number of various CRM to manage leads.

How to Create and Manage Leads Online in NetHunt

Nethunt CRM for Gmail is one of the most prominent CRM systems created recently. It is widely considered to be the best software to manage leads online. In NetHunt all the data is stored in folders containing records.

These records inside the folders are entries, which CRM user creates when wants to add a new customer profile, new deal or contact. As software for leads management, NetHunt allows creating different fields in the folder settings. As soon as created, fields will be depicted on the record form. Moreover, after creation, they can be customized whenever needed.

There are also sections like Comments, Calendar events, and Files entry where all the CRM users can leave comments, create some events linked to the record (lead), and attach files from Google Drive or computer. NetHunt app for leads management also has a timeline for tracking record updates and all the emails linked to each record.

Important items on the record timeline can be pinned for all the users who have access to the folder could see that item first.

The CRM system as a customer relationship management tool is one of the best investments a business director can make to increase sales and increase customer loyalty. A dedicated businessman will hardly find something better for business growth promotion. As a matter of fact, such technological solutions have ceased to be the prerogative of solely large corporations.

The price of connecting the single employee to the majority of CRM users actually amounts to slightly more than most people spend on mobile communication services monthly.

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