Free quiz-building applications are available on Facebook that you can use to create a quiz for your Facebook page. And, it’s not too difficult to put a quiz on the side panel of your Facebook page. Search for a quiz-builder application on Facebook’s website. After you have finished building the quiz, place it on the side panel. You’ll want your visitors to be able to easily find it when they want to participate in the survey.

Step 1:

Select a quiz-builder application like WeSocial Quizzes, The Quiz Creator, or EZ Quiz Builder to help you create a quiz for your Facebook page. Log on to your Facebook user account. Type your email address in the “Email” text box. Enter your password in the “Password” text box and click the “Sign In” button.

Step 2:

Enter the keyword “Quiz” in the search text box located near the top of the web page. Select a quiz-builder application from the drop-down menu. Click the “Go to App” button next to the name of the quiz-builder application. Click the “Allow” button if the pop up box “Request For Permission” appears on the web page.

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Step 3:

Click on the link “Start writing a new quiz” and enter your information in the text boxes that’s shown on the web page. Create a name for your quiz and enter it in the “Title” text box. If you want to want add an image on your quiz, click the “Browse” button located next to the text box for “50×50 directory image URL.”

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Step 4:

Find the file path for the image that you want to use from your computer. Click on the image file name and press the “Open” button to upload the image on the quiz-builder application’s server. You can also add a profile image on your quiz. Click the browse button for the “200×200 profile image URL” text box and upload your image.

Step 5:

Type a description in the “Description” text box and click the “Save” button. Click the “>>>” button to go to the next step and continue building the your quiz. Fill in your results information into the appropriate text boxes. The information that you provide will be the answer that will be given to the user after they have taken the quiz.

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