How To'sHow to Solve Number Puzzles

How to Solve Number Puzzles

Number puzzles are picture puzzles based on logic, in which the cells have to be colored or emptied for you to see a hidden image at the edge of the grid. These puzzles often appear in black and white in the form of a dual image. Below are some of the techniques you can use when solving number puzzles.

How are these puzzles solved

When solving a puzzle, you first need to identify the cells that will transform into boxes and the ones you need to leave blank. You may use a cross or dot to mark the cells that are spaces. Fill the cell that can be logically set out.

At no point should you use guesswork, as this might ruin the entire solution? Avoid relying on the hidden image as it may mislead you while solving the puzzle. However, this image might be relevant in helping you eliminate mistakes.

Take your time on each column or row before going to a different one, and then repeat until you are done with the puzzle. Doing this will help you while looking for several contradictions.

Techniques used in Number Puzzle Game

Techniques used in Number Puzzle Game
  1. Simple Boxes

When you start solving the number puzzle, you can determine numerous boxes using simple techniques. This method incorporates the joining of places for every block that has boxes. 

For instance, in a row with one single cell with an 8th of the clue, the block containing eight boxes can lay out the right margin leaving two places on the left side. Due to this aspect, all the six cells in the middle of the row should accommodate the block.

The same strategy is used in cases where there are numerous clues in a single row. For instance, a row with ten boxes plus hints of 3 and 4, the boxes of these blocks could be packed to the left side, one besides the other, which eventually leaves two of the spaces to the right.

Therefore, the first block contains four boxes that comprise the cells in the third and fourth place, while the box in the second place comprises three boxes that contain the eighth cell. When ruling out boxes in this manner, the same block protrudes when the boxes are placed in these cells. 

  1. Joining and Splitting

There are instances where boxes adjacent to each other are combined into a block or, at times, a space splits them into numerous blocks. If an empty cell has two locks, this cell becomes a box when a space splits the two boxes.

  1. Forcing

In this technique, you get to see the relevance of the spaces. A huge block may be pushed to one side by the space at the center of an incomplete row. Additionally, you may fill the spaces for a block with a tiny gap.

  1. Glue

There are other times when the length of the first hint is far from the border near the box. In this situation, the first clue scatters all over the box, forcing you outside via the border. The technique may also work at the center of the row, far from the borders.

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