We all know that Custom Rom is one of the best things about Android is the ability to flash Custom Rom and been able to customize it to your sweetest taste.
But one thing about Android is that by default, it’s not totally open for modifications till you root it and obtain root access on it, then you are the master of the phone.
I believe that before you started looking for How To Successfully Port Rom To Your Phone (MTK Only), you must have known what Porting a rom is and the benefits in it.
Let get you started.
Follow the steps below to learn How To Successfully Port Rom To Your Phone (MTK Only).
Porting a rom is always best for me if am using my phone, the only thing I use PC to do is if the rom am Porting requires me to port the boot image which is the boot.img too, that is when I will be using my PC.
But for best results, I will be writing about the use of the two.

MTK ROM Porting
MTK ROM Porting
For PC.
If you are Porting a rom with your PC, you can choose to create two folders on your Desktop, name the first folder Port and create another folder and name it Stock.
The port folder will be the ROM you downloaded that you wish to Flash to your phone while the stock will be the backup or the follow come from for your phone.
No need for taking stock folder backup because you won’t copy anything to it.
I will advise not you to copy the only port ROM you have to the port folder but a copy of it.
Now extract the stock ROM inside the stock folder and extract port ROM in the port folder.
If your PC is big enough to have two windows display in your screen, then that’s best.
Note all this file we are going to delete from the port folder.
Go-to port folder and delete the boot.img.
If you can forget, then I will advise you to be doing, delete and replace method.
Once you delete any file, you replace it immediately.
Copy boot.img to where you delete it from.
Now go to system folder and
Delete Usr folder.
Replace it from stock.
Delete vendor from the port folder
Replace it from stock.
Now navigate to System>etc and delete these folders.
Also, delete this file.
And vol.fstab.nand. don’t delete the other fstab file or replace it, just leave it.
After you have deleted the folders and files listed above, you can proceed by replacing them with your stock.
When it comes to permission folder, we don’t delete anything. All you have to do is Mark all the files in the permission stock folder and replace the files in Port permission folder.
After that.
Go to your System > Lib folder.
Delete these folders.
After deleting them, replace it with the folders from stock ROM.
When it comes to files. Don’t delete, just replace.
You can replace all the files of camera and audio.
Not all exactly but the one I will list for you.
If you don’t replace those files very well, you might experience bugs in ROM like sounds not working or front camera not working or camera not working at all.
After you have replaced and delete and everything, you have to compress your port folder back to a zip file for flashing.
Don’t compress front the ROM folder, start from where your System folder is visible and not from where ROM name is to avoid parsing error.
That’s all for porting with a PC.
Now for Phone users, its still the same thing, all I Will do here is to recommend an app that can work like PC for you here which is X-plore app by lonelycat games.
The app can open two windows at the same time, all you have to do is the swipe or press the other windows to enter.
Then follow the same procedure that PC users followed and you will get things done very easily.
The little difference will be that in Pc, The creation of folder will be on your desktop while on your android phone. You can navigate to any folder very easily.
Remember this: porting a ROM can differ as Phone are produced every day by day with many OS and design, our Ultimate guide might become outdated but we will try to keep you updated with the best.
We will be uploading a Video for very soon.
This ultimate porting guide works very well for phones with the chipset from 3.4.67 and below without any problem at all, we have not tried it personally on chipset above that and does not guarantee our Ultimate guide will work.

Before porting a ROM, please note that Blog The Tech will not be held responsible for any brick phone, boot loops, failed alarm or getting fired from job due to a failed alarm or there problems you might experience.

If you confuse about custom ROM, you can read our for custom ROM article here. Thank you and good luck.

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