How to Switch Your Virtual Phone Provider Step by Step?

There were conventional ways of getting the desired number. Going to the vendor, waiting in queues, submission of documents, approval, or rejection, and then many days till your number finally gets activated. It was a tedious task, but not anymore.

Virtual phone providers are a boon when it comes to taking a new number. If private businesses and numbers are more of an investment for you, virtual number providers are the ultimate number acquiring alternative. 

You have to try WeNumber’s solution to know how massive the difference in rates could be when acquiring numbers online. For instance, 0333 call charges can be seen on varied competitive rates by major service providers.

As you know the extreme benefit of getting a virtual number online, below are the ways in which you can switch to a virtual phone provider:

Step 1: Select the Right Virtual Number Provider

As the virtual number providing scenario is catching pace for the benefits they render, you need to find the perfect platform. Amidst the many platforms that offer similar services, WeNumber has emerged as a true winner. 

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WeNumber is a virtual number provider that offers more than just proving the right number. You can do a lot of assessment from it and choose the best alternative. Below are the ways in which WeNumber can help you in attaining the perfect number:


WeNumber offers a comparative platform wherein different call charges posed by different service providers can be compared. One can seek what is the best and economical option amidst a wide array of alternatives available.

Not all service provider rates for all number types are the same, it helps you compare. Hence, a holistic comparison of the numbers is something you can definitely do with WeNumber.

Getting the Desirable Number

WeNumber can provide you not only with the desired code but also with the desired numeric number. Yes, you can pick the entire numeric of your number. If this is not the utmost convenience, what is?

Instant Activation

Gone are the days when you would need to wait for days for activation of your number. WeNumber allows instant activation of the number. No more waiting in anticipation. If your documents are intact, there is nothing that can stop you from getting it instantly.  

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Now you know how a well equipped virtual number provider platform can get you instant success. Making the right choice of platform is imperative for immediate results.

Step 2: Decide on What Code You Seek

There are multiple calling codes available within the UK. These calling codes serve different purposes. The codes are dedicated based on the entity types, the purpose of the phones, etc.

For example, if you are a government entity or charity, you can prefer 0300 numbers. If you are a private business seeking freephone numbers, you can opt for 0800 numbers. If you seek concessional rates for your private business, you can opt for 0333 number.

Dithering which number suits your business best is important for the success of your final objective. The purpose must be rendered without compromising on the quality of the service.

Good virtual numbers providing platforms offer additional leverage to their customers. On a platform like WeNumber, you can choose the code and the further numeric number. The number can be provided to you subject to availability.

Step 3: Documents upload and Instant Activation

Every virtual number provider needs to ensure the veracity of the user. Hence, keep your documents at handy and within moments your number will be activated. 

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Isn’t that the most simplified and hassle-free way of getting a number. No issues, no waiting, no inquiry queues. You will have everything you need on a silver platter.

WeNumber’s solution for providing numbers virtually is the swiftest and most reliable way of getting a number online. You can make a sheer comparison by 0333 call charges available on WeNumber and available on other platforms to assess the difference.

Taking a number is not just a raw decision you make for yourself or your business. It proves to be an investment and a perception that it tends to create on the minds of the callers. The more professional a number, the more reliable it resonates.


The days of standing in lines out of a service provider’s office for getting a  number are long gone. There is stiff competition, even between service providers. Having all rates being displayed at a common platform helps one make a sound and economical number decision.

This is why the virtual number industry is booming. It makes the buyers and companies make more informed and calculated decisions of the numbers they seek. buy a number of your choice. WeNumber will help you in this pursuit.

Daniel Odoh
Daniel Odoh
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