How To Undo or Recall a message on WhatsApp

Hello dear and welcome to this amazing features on how to undo or Recall a message on WhatsApp.
Most times in life, we make some mistakes that we wish we never did and we know the quote that says ” shit happens” and when it does, we are left with a world of surprises and worries.
Social media is the best place we can easily contact with our loved ones no matter where they are in this world.
We use social media for many uncountable things depending on what you are using it for.
In everything, the usage of social media depends on its users and that’s what makes life lot easier.
WhatsApp recently introduced WhatsApp status but I don’t think that many people like it due to one thing or the other. Few of my friends use it to compare with the Facebook status update.
But this time, I guess this new feature is one of the best things that WhatsApp could have done to Whatsapp.
To recall or undo an already sent message even if the recipient has seen it, you call recall them.
You know, most of us are too fast in typing and chatting on social media and sometimes, and that makes us prone to mistakes.
Well, we are here to help.

WhatsApp Recall
WhatsApp Recall
How To Undo or Recall a message on WhatsApp.
These are the prerequisite.
Your Android smartphone.
That’s all.
There is a mod version of WhatsApp which let you recall or undo message and this feature is yet to come on the official WhatsApp app.
But you can find it on this version of WhatsApp.
First of all, Download GBWhatsApp.
Now follow the steps below to get things done.

  1. Download GBWhatsApp.
  2. Allow installation of an app from unknown sources.
  3. Install the downloaded all to your phone.
  4. Launch the app and verify your number.
  5. Now, you are good to go.
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You can start using this WhatsApp as your default WhatsApp and any messages you wish to recall can be recalled with the app.

Let’s take a look a Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs).

  • Is it safe to use GBWHATSAPP?.

Answer: Absolutely safe. You don’t have anything to worry about. GBWhatsApp is completely safe and secure.
It’s just a modded version of the Official WhatsApp or an advanced version of the Official WhatsApp.

  • Will I still be able to use my previous WhatsApp app?.

Answer: Yes. GBWhatsApp is even best if you are using a dual SIM smartphone. It allows you to verify and use two WhatsApp in your single phone.
You can verify and use your second sim card on the other WhatsApp.

  • Do I need to remove or uninstall the other WhatsApp app?.

No, just like we said before, you can use the both WhatsApp app on your smartphone and even allows you to be using two different WhatsApp with two numbers on your smartphone.
If you have any similar question or question concerning GBWhatsApp, you can ask us, we will be glad to help.
You can take a look at the pictorial explanation of How To Undo or Recall a message on WhatsApp and also the video.

WhatsApp Recall Message
WhatsApp Recall Message
WhatsApp Recalling Message feature
WhatsApp Recalling Message feature
WhatsApp undo or Recalled message
WhatsApp undo or Recalled message

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