How To Upgrade Any Tecno Phone To Android 7.1 (Nougat)

Oh no, I got Android 4.4, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0 or 6.1, now you are one of the lucky guys that I got on my list I will be telling today How to Upgrade any Tecno Phonetic Android 7.1 nougat.

I am a big fan of Tecno phones and will always be a big fan because of what they have done for us in our Country.

They brought cheap Android phones in Nigeria and that contributed to a higher increase of smartphone use in Nigeria.

They keep releasing smartphones every day by day with many types and kinds of specs that make the company outstanding from other phone companies.

They are the reason we are talking about this today,
But I know that some people cannot afford to buy most of the later release of the Tecno products due to the economic crisis facing the country.

Now, if you are using a Tecno phone and it’s running on Android 4.4 KitKat, don’t worry, I got very good news for you.

We recently made a post about rooting your phone and how you can benefit from it and one of the benefits is flashing a custom rom on your phone.

Custom rom unleashes many features that we never know on our phone.
For you to enjoy all that, you must, first of all, know what is rooting and what is a custom recovery.

Many Android developers in the Android World always release custom ROMs for different types of chipsets and phone versions and models.

MediaTek is one of the Socs in the Android Market that sells and people are buying the phone that is it’s built-in due to its cheapness and other features it comes with.

The more MediaTek produce more phones, the more developers develop more ROMs and also updates for the ROMs.

We have compiled a step by step on How To Upgrade Any Tecno Phone To Android 7.1 (Nougat)

Just Read and read very carefully.

Any Tecno Phone that is above Android 4.3 Jellybean can be Upgraded to Nougat, yes it can. This means, if your phone starts from Android 4.4 KitKat and above, rejoice because you can enjoy the benefit of Android updates without waiting for your phone Manufacturer.

Also, any phone whose Kernel starts from 3.4.67 can also enjoy Android updates without waiting for your Manufacturer.
You enjoy all this through the help of custom ROMs.

Since I learned that I can enjoy all this and can anything upgrade my phone to the latest version of Android release or updates, I stopped looking for phones that are below those specifications listed above.

But also, All the phone, main phones with Kernel 3.4.5 can be updated to higher Android versions of the phone Manufacturer releases it’s Source code or Kernel Source.

With that Kernel Source, Developers can compile updated Kernel for your phone and you will start enjoying updates too on your phone.

From what I said above, you ought to know where your phone falls in. This can determine the possibility of enjoying the Android updates on your phones.

Let me make you a little Developer today. Let’s start, shall we?.

With the little explanatory above, I am not expecting you to understand how the whole stuff works but with time and from mistakes and solutions, you will start getting used to it and understanding it more and more.

I am the type of person that loves to try out new things on my phone but I don’t know anything then, I bricked my phone like thrice and we’re forced to pay for the flashing of the phone.

I paid so much then that my eyes open and also was forced to know how those flashing of a thing works and today, I have stopped paying them and now, people are paying me for me to flash their phone for them and also do upgrades for them.

That is why I want you to also learn and start doing it on your own. Thanks.
Now, For you to flash Android Nougat to your Tecno phones, let me tell you things to compare.
Check all these things thoroughly.


When you see a rom. The first thing to check is that phone’s Chipset. All the Tecno phones are MTK. This means their Docs are all from MediaTek Inc.

A phone which Socs is MT6572, it’s Rom can never work on MT6577. If you try it, it will brick your phone and it will boot-loop.
This means you must make sure that it’s Socs are all the same.


Though this one might be obsolete from these highlights you can still consider checking this because you might forget to know that your phone’s Android version is Jellybean. Like I said above, phones starting from Kernel 3.4.67 can be Upgraded to Nougat but some phones Kernel are not yet released.

Android versions.

Like I also said above that once your phone starts from Android 4.4 and up, then you are good to go.

So now, begin checking the Socs and Kernel of your phones, if it’s above 4.4 and its Kernel is above 3.4.67, then you can follow our Porting Guide to upgrade that your phone to Nougat.

Remember one thing, You should not try this if your phone is still very new or you don’t trust the authenticity of your phone if it is still under guarantee.

But you can proceed if you know Truly well that you can handle any problem that comes in.
I assure you that there is no problem concerning MTK phones which we don’t have solutions to.

But Blog The Tech will not be held reliable if anything goes wrong but we can help.
There are hundreds of Custom Rom out there, you can search for a rom with something like this keyword, ” Nougat for MT6572” and they will all start appearing one after the other.

You can search this site for your ROMs too.

NOTE: There are many ROM developers in the Android world that build ROMs, you can learn more about them and their ROMs too.
Some of the ROMs developers for MediaTek are CyanogenMod, Resurrection Remix, MediaMod, Paranoid Android, AMD, MIUI, and much more.
This means you can use this keyword to search for their ROMs, for example, CyanogenMod release ROMs by number tag, they have CM 11 which means KitKat, and the next number which is 12, CM12 means Lollipop, so CM14 will mean Nougat.
Once you see any ROM of your choice, you can read the features or try it out to know more. You can go ahead and port it.

Blog The Tech would have loved to be porting those ROM for, but unfortunately, it’s going to hard for us due to the expense of our internet subscription rate. If you wish a ROM can be ported for you, You can request for a ROM using our request form. Thanks.
Happy Porting and upgrade. It feels good to be updated.

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