Huawei’s Super Device Takes Multi-Device Computing To The Next Level

Leading brands like Apple, Google, and Microsoft are striving to build a cohesive system that interconnects their different devices and their operative systems to give a streamlined, seamless working experience.

The collaboration between Android and Google now allows users to preview smartphone notifications from paired computer`s window, send or receive text messages, view videos from android, and many more features. If you are a Huawei user, you can enjoy a broader spectrum of features, and interestingly Android and Chrome browsers are back the back regarding interconnectivity between Google`s own system.

New horizon

But things have extended to a new horizon with the introduction of Huawei’s proprietary Super Device platform. It is perhaps the most cohesive, intuitive multi-device pairing computer system. Since Huawei has revoked its alliance with Google using Android OS, the company has more space to experiment and manipulate the platform for an immersive, seamless user experience.

The connecting system brings all the PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets under one umbrella of an integrated vertical system. The Super Device initiated by Huawei is an integrated underlying connectivity system between multiple devices with all features of Microsoft`s My Phone platform and some of Apple’s systems.

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The connecting interface is intuitive

The architecture of the connecting interface is intuitive; the user device is displayed at the center while the potential paired gadgets revolve around the circle. A simple click and drag of the orbiting device into the core of the circle activates and completes the sharing.

If there are multiple devices interconnected and you want to stop one, drag the desired device out of the circle to the orbit. The connecting system allows the content of the paired smartphone in the Window device. But additional features like opening and operating three mobile apps simultaneously allow multitasking effortlessly.

The innovative connecting system permits you to use multiple devices as a single integrated one. The click drag operation, mouse keyboard support across all integrated devices gives you a flawless operating system and experience. If you are editing and comparing need an extra display, you can use the screen of another paired device as an extended monitor facilitating a larger workspace. 

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Some Advantages

The new ecosystem devised by Huawei has some breakthrough, as it is compatible with new laptops, PCs and smartphones running on the HarmonyOS system. The company is working to make all products launched in the previous twelve to eighteen months to be compatible with the super device, but many steps need to cross to achieve the goal. 


In spite of the market presence of Apple, Google and Microsoft, Huawei is the pioneer in the field of a cohesive multi-device computing system. It is expected other brands will pay heed to this vacuum and come up with an innovative multi-device pairing system.

This system is particularly beneficial for those who work with multiple devices. Connecting computing systems is not new, but Huawei brings a new dimension with two-way connectivity. This feature makes the platform more flexible. Huawei is expected in the coming days, smartphones, desktops, and laptops will not be treated as standalone devices. 

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