Important factors to consider when choosing a UK web hosting provider

Once you decide to launch your website, you may understand the importance of having a reliable web hosting provider. So, what exactly should you be looking out for when selecting a suitable place for your site? Various factors, such as reliability and other features are critical when it comes to choosing the best web hosting company.

But because you’re spoiled for choice, you might end up choosing a company that is not reliable as they claim to be. This page explains some of the important factors you should never overlook when choosing a web hosting company.

Reliability and availability

The last thing you want for your website is for it to be offline regularly. Unfortunately, this can happen if you have weak connections and use unreliable hardware. The loss of access means that you lose readership of your content and sales. Even worse, you can experience a decline in search engine rankings.

As you can see, you need to choose a web hosting company that has reliable services. This means you should check the company’s ability to keep your site up and running. The best way to do this is by checking their uptime scores.

You see web hosting providers that have annual scores of about 99.5% or more are generally reliable. However, you should avoid companies that have scores below 99%. To make an informed decision, read the Hosting Foundry’s UK comparison.

Features on offer

Each web hosting provider has a list of features that make them unique. Most of these companies offer similar features, such as the disk space and reliable network connection, but a few of them provide supplementary features.

Now, these supplementary features refer to services like an email service which gives you a chance to create an email account using your high-quality domain name. Some best web hosting providers also offer a drag-and-drop website builder which can be useful for your website.

These easy-to-use features can help you to design and create your website, meaning you don’t require a technical professional to do it for you. Whether the company is offering other features, such as website tools like WordPress or eCommerce tools, you need to consider all of them before choosing the right web hosting provider.


Cyber attacks are increasingly becoming common and they no longer focus on financial sites. Instead, many general websites have also become a target because they are regarded as easier targets. The bad thing is that these attacks can cause irreversible damage to the data on your website, making it quite difficult to restore it.

For this reason, you should always consider going for a web hosting provider that provides several backups. In other words, the hosting company should do multiple backups of your site’s data on its server. A backup is also useful when a hard disk gets corrupted or fails.

Control panel

Owning and managing a website can sometimes be overwhelming to some people, especially if you don’t have enough technology background. Imagine, you need to learn and do certain tasks, such as creating new email accounts and installing a content management system.

Therefore, go for web hosting providers that provide an intuitive and user-friendly control panel. In this way, you can use a simplistic interface with ease.

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