How to Increase Image Resolution in a Cost-Effective Way?

What is image resolution

Image resolution is a description of the detail that the image holds. Image resolution is described using pixel per inch (PPI), which means the number of pixels displayed per inch of a particular image. Higher resolutions imply more PPI, resulting in higher pixel information and giving you a crisp and high-quality image.

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On the other hand, images with lower resolutions have fewer pixels, and in case those pixels are large – mostly when the image is stretched, the image tends to become blurred.

What is image resolution
What is image resolution?

High resolution vs. low resolution

Higher resolution gives a sharper, crisp, clear, and high-quality image, whereas, for low resolution, the image or picture you get is blurred and stretchy.

When high-resolution images are used for web graphics, their load time is high, unlike low-resolution images that look fabulous on computer screens. A high-resolution image has more pixels per inch than a low-resolution image with fewer pixels per inch.

3 most cost-effective ways to increase the image resolution


Waifu2x is an online resizing platform that enables you to scale your photographs or images easily and quickly. You only need to upload your photo to the platform, and the rest is taken care of by the platform.


How to increase image resolution by waifu2x

1. Head to the Waifu2X official site by clicking

2. Upload the image you wish to resize by clicking on the “Select Image” button.

3. Leave the default settings of scale and noise reduction; you can change if need be.

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4. Click on “Convert Now” and wait for seconds.

5. Press the “Preview” button to preview the results. 

6. Select the saving formats and click on the “Download” button to save the upscaled image on your computer.

Key features of waifu2x

  • Easy to use: by using Waifu2x, you don’t need to learn professional photo editing skills.
  • Enlarge the photo and reduce the noise at the same time.
  • Give you the freedom to scale the image up to 10X.
  • Anime and manga style.
  • Both PNG & JPEG are available for image output.


Using Artificial Intelligence to upscale the image resolution, this platform automatically upscale image without losing quality. It enlarges and enhances the look of the image. It is easy to maneuver and use, even if you’re using it for the first time. It gives you the ability to enlarge your photo up to 400% in a few clicks. 


How to increase image resolution by imgupscaler

  1. Open your browser and go ahead the 
  2. Choose the image/picture you’d like to upscale or enhance.
  3. Click the “Drop or Drag” button to upload the picture to this web-based program.
  4. Click the “Start” button to enable the tool to upscale photos by 400% automatically.
  5. Wait for the AI image upscaled to do its thing.
  6. Save the enlarged photo by hovering the mouse on the “Download” button.
  7. Now, you have a noise-free and better-looking image; it is that easy.

Key features of imgupscaler

  • Lightning-fast page speed: you can open the site in 2-3 seconds.
  • No coding or skills are needed: the using process is easy and simple.
  • Integrated photo upscaling and enhancing technology.
  • Brief layout and clear navigation: friendly for all users.
  • Support upscaling max 10 images for a free account per week.
  • Improve efficiency by upscaling many pictures at one time.
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Icons8 smart upscaler

Icons8 is one of the best upscale tools that most people like. It offers reliable and fascinating outcomes with accurate details and color. Better still, the processing time of this tool is unmatched. The most important thing to note about this unit is that you can upscale up to 4X of its initial resolution.


How to increase image resolution by icons8 smart upscaler

  1. Visit the right page of Icons8 Smart Upscaler by clicking
  2. When you’re on their website, you can choose to drag and drop the picture or upload it from your computer.
  3. After you’ve uploaded your work, wait 10 seconds to let the system do the work.
  4. Once the process is done, you’ll be able to see the result in the lower field.
  5. You can save the image result on your computer by simply downloading it.

Key features of icons8 smart upscaler

  • Free to download. No need to register an account before you download the picture.
  • Upscale pictures/Images up to 4x. 
  • The quality is not lost. The tool keeps all details of the original photo.

Other Image Upscaling FAQs

  1. Why Upscale a Small Image?

Upscaling a small image involves adding more pixels to a small image to improve its resolution. This process implies that there will be only the same as many pixels per inch. If you alter the image resolution, the physical size is also changed. Important to note that pixel sizing controls the data amount, and physical size and resolution are only usable for printing. Also, upscaling improves the quality of the image, including its clarity, crispiness, sharpness to the physical eye. In other words, upscaling stretches the image to suit the resolution you display. For instance, a 720p is being upscaled to fit a screen of 1080p.

  1. Which Software is best to Upscale Anime to 4k?

In this article, three online software have been introduced for upscaling a photo and increasing the image resolution. All of them have their features. However, when it comes to upscaling an anime or cartoon photo, no application is better than imgupscaler.

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This platform uses AI to upscale anime images and doesn’t introduce any noise to the image. Lossless image enlargement is made possible with advanced algorithms, which learned how to identify and preserve details of your image. If you are a cartoon or anime lover, you will get the most beautiful wallpapers by using imgupscaler.

  1. Is Online Image Upscaler free to Use?

Well, Image Upscaler allows you to scale up to some images for free. But if you need to upscale additional images, you’ll need to pay per image or select different pricing plans that allow you to unlock more powerful functions or have access to ultimate features.


As we know, Image is an important visual work that helps readers to know what we want to express. No one can ignore the impact of a stunning picture on social media, magazines, or movies. However, sometimes we can’t get the most satisfying images for printing or displaying. Surely, we can hire a professional editor to fix the small or blurry photos, or open photoshop to start exploring how to increase image resolution. But we need to pay more money and spend a lot of time doing so. 

Is there a cost-effective way to upscale photos without losing quality? Now we have found a good solution – using online image upscalers. In the above content, we have introduced three popular photo enlargers. All of them are capable of upscaling most types of images in a short time. The converting speed and output quality impress us. If you have no idea how to increase image resolution in an easier and faster way, get the inspiration from this article.

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