How To Install Up To 5 WhatsApp in One Phone

How To Install Up To 5 WhatsApp in One Phone

Trying to install Up To 5 WhatsApp in One Phone but don’t know how to do that? You are in the right place.
Most people wish to have as many as WhatsApp account on their phone but are limited to only one WhatsApp App which means you can only have one account on your phone.
Some phones come with Dual Sims while some come with one some doesn’t even have at all.

But you might be having some other phones that don’t use or install WhatsApp app but you want to register those your number to WhatsApp and they will be active.
I will tell you how you can have up to 5 different WhatsApp on your phone and register all your phone numbers to them.
We are going to making use of third party apps of WhatsApp which means modded versions of WhatsApp. Most of them have better features that the main WhatsApp Messenger app.
You can also the official WhatsApp app is you are not keen with modded versions.Toi can do so by changing the package name with APK tools.
I have compiled up to 5 WhatsApp apps that can all install on your phone without any problem or lags on your phone.
Check it out and tell me what you think.
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