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Is Legit or Scam?
Is Legit or Scam? serves as an online platform dedicated to detecting spam calls. This website’s core purpose revolves around identifying and blocking unsolicited calls, thereby empowering users to shield themselves from such nuisances.

What is functions as a web-based spam call detection service.

However, certain essential aspects merit attention prior to considering any engagement with sudicm:

On April 17, 2018, the sudicm website was established, as per records.

The sudicm website boasts a perfect trust score of 100%, emphasizing its reliability.

Key Points About Spamcalls Website:

Website Name: Spamcalls

Industry/Niche: Cell phone calls

Website Email: [email protected]

Contact Address: c/o Martin Jager, Lichster.24 De 50825 Koln

Contact Number: 02212592512

Available Product Category: Spam call detector

Product Name: Spam call detector

Website’s Social Media Links: None provided

Reverse Phone Number Search: Facilitates identification of spam calls


Payment Options: No payment modes offered

Total Website Visits: 389.5K

Bounce Rate: 53.87%

Pages per Visit: 2.72

Positive Aspects of Spamcalls Online Store:

The store boasts a valid SSL certificate and HTTPS for enhanced consumer security.

All relevant and valid policies are accessible to customers through the website.

The website is endorsed as safe by dnsfilter. has been operational for several years.

The website enjoys a commendable volume of traffic and a high Tranco ranking.

Negative Aspects of Spamcalls Online Store:

The 100% trust score for raises no trust-related concerns.

The owner’s identity for is concealed in WHOIS records. has garnered negative reviews on various other platforms.

The website’s recent registration on April 17, 2018, does not inherently generate trust issues for users.

With an understanding of both the positive and negative facets of the spamcalls online store, let’s assess its legitimacy and trustworthiness.

Factors Demonstrating’s Website Safety:

The website’s age: Although claims to have been registered on April 17, 2018, the domain’s relative newness casts some doubt on this assertion, potentially affecting trust.

Trust Score: With a perfect 100% trust score and heightened reliability, concerns about trust are assuaged.

Contact Address Legitimacy: The address “c/o Martin Jager, Lichster.24 De 50825 Koln” appears authentic.

Customer Complaints: No customer complaints have been identified on the website.

Email ID Legitimacy: The provided email address, [email protected], seems valid.

Factors Indicating as a Non-Problematic Website Store:

Trust Score: A 100% trust score coupled with high reliability minimizes concerns about the website’s authenticity.

Contact Address: The address “c/o Martin Jager, Lichster.24 De 50825 Koln” appears genuine.

Email ID Legitimacy: The provided email address, [email protected], appears authentic.

Competitor Websites of

Some competitors of include: information about international calling.

Daily Traffic: 3,150; Website Worth: $9,600 Offers guidance on sending and receiving faxes.

Daily Traffic: 20; Website Worth: $3,500 Provides international dialing codes.

Daily Traffic: 0; Website Worth: $1,900 Supplies dialing codes for various countries.

Daily Traffic: 50; Website Worth: $1,700 Offers spam protection services.

Daily Traffic: 220; Website Worth: $900 Imparts information on international calling.

Daily Traffic: 20; Website Worth: $600

Frequently Asked Questions About Spamcalls Store:

  • Is a legitimate or fake website? is verified as a safe and legitimate website.

  • Is a scam or trustworthy? holds a 100% trust score, affirming its trustworthiness for users. This site is indeed recommended for online purchases.

  • Is the online website legit? emerges as a reliable and legitimate online store, instilling trust among users.

  • What defines the website serves as an online platform that detects spam calls. It assists users in blocking unwanted calls and distinguishing them as spam.

  • Is the spamcalls website secure?

Yes, is confirmed as a secure website.


After thorough research, it is established that is both safe and reliable, offering a trustworthy platform for users. The website operates as a spam call detector, allowing users to identify and block unwanted calls effectively.

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