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With people increasingly online and doing their own research, the digital world has never been so impactful. The same is true for real estate; people now proactively contact real estate agents thanks to digital staging. Essentially, this technology actually makes properties stand out from the rest. You can view more about what type of property photos to expect from one of the top virtual staging companies. They offer the perfect blend of digital technical expertise with interior design know-how. 

What is Digital Staging?

Some of the key elements are described below:

  • Transform an empty house with virtual staging software 
  • Professional quality and fast turnaround times 
  • DIY versus virtual staging services 

Transform your Home

Essentially, digital staging involves applying software tools to add virtual furniture into an empty room on a photo. The technology can also do furniture removal or change the color of existing furniture, for example. This is all done through some clever 3D modeling, photoshop, and rendering software. You can even apply home staging to redo floor plans, showing off the potential of any property thanks to rearranged walls, for example.

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Quality and Turnaround Time

Like any industry, there’s a range of quality staging companies. Although, you can quickly check for yourself by looking through their portfolio of photos. Furthermore, you can review your ideal virtual staging company relatively easily but more on that later. In the meantime, it’s useful to know that turnaround times are between 1 to 2 days or less.

For instance, many companies offer an express service. This can be useful if you have a specific need for some extra fast home staging, for example, helping a potential buyer over the line. 

home staging

DIY versus Professional Services

These days, you can find various apps that do virtual staging for you. Simply upload your photos and apply their editing tools to create your virtually staged photos. Some apps actually combine both DIY with a service offering. Although you can expect to pay around hundreds of dollars per image, which is at the higher end of the pricing range. Therefore, don’t hesitate to look for other options.

To give you an idea, many virtual staging companies offer staged photos for tens of dollars per image. Moreover, don’t forget that full virtual staging services advise how to design the perfect photos for your target buyers. There’s so much more to just taking photos and hoping for the best.

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How Can Digital Staging Help You?

  • Increase lead generation and property selling prices
  • Price per image versus traditional staging

Home staging exists to increase your home’s value and its selling price. It’s also there to help you attract more potential buyers than you would normally be able to. Essentially, your virtual staging team applies the right design style to your staged photos and matches what your buyers are looking for. This helps them actually visualize living in that home more easily. The more you can create a strong connection, the easier it is to get people over the line to buy.  

Another great advantage of using digital staging is how cost-effective it is. On the flip side, traditional staging with physical furniture can cost you thousands of dollars as well as hours of logistics to organize everything. Now, with virtual staging, it’s so easy to make empty properties look welcoming such that people actually want to live there. 

Choosing your virtual staging company

  • Track record and team credentials
  • Virtual staging software 

Clearly, not all virtual staging companies are the same. It’s important for you to interview a few so that you can compare styles and methods. You might also want to talk to your real estate agent for advice. Many of them have ongoing deals with virtual staging services that you might be able to benefit from. Either way, ensure you’re happy with your virtual staging team’s track record and credentials. 

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Of course, digital staging is a key part of getting the best virtual staging experience. So, you still want to benefit from the knowledge and experience that interior designers and graphic designers can offer. So, be sure to ask about today’s design style and how it can be applied to your property and to your potential buyers. 

Thoughts on Digital Staging

Final Thoughts on Digital Staging 

Virtual staging is all about making furnished rooms from empty photos. The idea is to make properties stand out and to help future buyers picture living in them. It’s a very cost-effective method that will increase your selling price and time-to-sell.

Also, you can choose between DIY online apps and working with virtual staging companies for the same price. Bear in mind that a virtual staging team can provide professional photos and strategic advice. They’ll even help you with the right design style for your property. The final choice is yours, but you’ll have some great photos for your hands. 

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